An own blog is suitable for individuals and companies. With the free software WordPress it can be created easily and quickly blogs are an important means of communication in the Internet. Individuals, for example, on a travel report and thus keep their friends, companies can introduce new products and thus to inform their customers. This guide shows how to set up his own blog with WordPress. Who would like to set up your own blog, – whether as a private citizen, to report from a trip or as a company, to inform customers about new products and services – can it on the free software WordPress uuruckgreifen. It is a constantly further developed open source software that is installed on a Web space under its own Internet address (domain). If one agency would like to rely on a WordPress, you should proceed as follows: step 1 Web hosting provider: run your own WordPress blog, you need a domain, at least 500 MB of webspace with PHP5 and a MySQL database. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pinterest offers on the topic..

Offers that satisfy these conditions, can be found in the Internet starting at 5 euros per month. The domain you should make sure that she has a relevance to the later topic and is memorable for all readers well. Step 2 – download WordPress: on the Web page of WordPress Germany the German version can be downloaded for free by WordPress. It contains a .zip must be file unpacked on your own hard drive. Now you should have WordPress a folder with the name, which includes numerous files and three folders. Step 3 – upload WordPress: install WordPress, just downloaded software on the Web space must be loaded. For this, a so-called FTP program is required in this connection to the server of the Web hosting package is entered.

Affiliated all WordPress must be transferred webspace files and folders from the hard disk, this may take up to 5 minutes. Step 4 – install WordPress: the domain within the Web space package must install WordPress, on linked folder on your Websspace, in which the WordPress uploaded files. In case of doubt, the Web hosting provider should be contacted. It now calls the domain in a browser, the WordPress installation wizard through the entire installation, which is complete usually after just a few minutes takes you. Step 5 – Configuring WordPress: with his access data that you specified during the installation, you can log in backend, so the administration area of WordPress, now in the so-called. Various adjustments and changes can be made here: for example, a new theme (design) can be installed, functionality of WordPress be extended through plug-ins, or you can set search engine friendly URLs via the area of permalinks. As you can see, it has created an own blog with WordPress after five steps – up on Web hosting with domain no cost and you can immediately get started with blogging.