The Flow

Advertisers will not have to agree with a lot of people its contextual advertising will appear at a predetermined query, and as Yandex and Google. Adwords wonderfully displayed in the pages of many, many sites with relevant thematic content. No need to worry about the accommodation – like the search results page or on sites hosting host advertising from search engines, such advertising appears to be fixed, articulate and does not irritate the eye blocks. In addition, the above mentioned systems do not put yourself client’s money in his pocket, the flow of funds in the account is as natural transitions to your links. This is not true of many private resources, and in his time had sad fame and runner – another major contextual advertising system, which in no way contributed to his popularity. At Bill Phelan you will find additional information. You have placed contextual advertising – now we have to understand that it can be sold through it, no users it will attract to you and how effective it is. Well sell something that matches popular search queries. Such contextual advertising may be more expensive when it comes to high-frequency search queries, but if the conversion of your resources at a level that it will be repaid with interest. Conversion – is the ratio of acquired anything on your site to the total number of clicked on the link. This is a performance indicator. For improve the conversion is to think about what needs to be a user who dials a particular phrase. If you think that the popular phrase is usually accompanied by idle interest, rather than a desire to find and acquire the necessary product / service, then to advertise on such a phrase is not worth it.