The Money

You want many, want a big list and want it fast. I understand how is this and I don’t like that things take too long either. This is exactly the because I must assure you that everything you do, related to your site, involves collecting names and email addresses to your list at one time or another. Let’s look at some numbers beginning with alliances simple strategic. Pinterest takes a slightly different approach. Let’s say for example that a strategic alliance provides you two thousand average visits. With lists of this quality, it is not unusual that at least 25% of your visitors subscribe to something if your sales letter is doing its job. This perhaps does not seem too much by now, but let’s say you do ten strategic alliances and manage to build a list of 5,000 subscribers, which would not be much problem if the quality of strategic alliances are good level and get a good number of visitors.

A list of 5 thousand is very good, and thou shalt also make money through these strategic alliances. When to start splitting your commissions from affiliate make sure that they are really tall, really, so high that you should not be making direct sales. These are earnings. Not the money from sales, if not the resources that you are building. This is why grant 50% or more per sale, and are your affiliates through strategic alliances that will make sure your list is built to test fire, not just numbers important, if not a very good speed. Everytime you free a new product, more and more people you add to your playlists you can promote that and that can promote for you. It’s a snowball effect, which is great since it means that the more you put, you’ll get more, and each new product that you launch will increase your resources, your list size, and will add to your promotion power for future products.