The Performance

The selection becomes a two-way street, so the Steering as the candidate may void the marriage if there is incompatibility. Organizational culture is maintained when removing individuals who may attack or undermine its core values. Senior management; with what they say and their behavior, rules that filter down and maintain the culture. Socialization; process that allows new members are not fully indoctrinated with the culture of the Organization and might disturb the beliefs and established customs, the Organization, should help its adaptation. For the development of organizational culture (11) key elements that should be skills in the performance of managers as there are: the orientation towards action, to enforce it, the orientation to the user, guaranteeing that all the resources and staff of the organization directed its activities to the satisfaction of their needs, autonomy and decision, ensuring the emergence of leaders and innovatorsconcern for the productivity and performance of their members, considering them the most important asset of the Organization, essential source of improvement.

Other elements to keep in mind is the commitment with the values from the upper levels, maintaining close contact, visiting and talking with frontline, identification and action with their strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities, the achievement of simple, with necessary member organizations, where everyone knows the part of value that provides services and to participate in its administration and finally but not least, rigidity and flexibilityand should be OK both according to the dynamics of change and circumstances. CHARACTERISTICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE. Organizational culture has primary characteristics, which concentrated the essence the same as (12) is the identity of its members, which are identified by the Organization as a whole, not with his specific or field of knowledge, the emphasis on the group, guaranteeing work activities to be organized around group not to people, the approach towards people, taking into account the decisions of the management have an impact on the results of its members and the integration of units allowing them to work in a coordinated and independent.