The use of balls of thread in creative toys to some extent, especially. Young wizard after extracurricular activities, personal observation at home understand that this material is often needed for sewing or knitting. This was his certainly remind the very beginning, talk about differetsiatsii thread on the parameters, color, purpose. Because babies are different balls of thread, you can explore them by setting common to all the quality and distinction. Structure consisting of fiber threads, their softness make it possible for the coil winding turns to make in any direction. The elasticity of the material at hand, its reliability is used for additional pridelyvanii parts for crafts. Be sure to share with the children to think about how to proceed if the threads are suitable for work, a little way with small quantities of material required to make a normal spherical shape.

Must together define what is permissible ground for balls made from cotton, soft paper, and only then carefully wound a couple of layers available in the arrangement of threads. The base can be darn pretentious color: make it a whole furry balls having wound darning two or three layers of woolen yarn. First, children with the teacher to decide what color the ball will be out of thread. If you decide to create galchonka or duck, then it is better to take fluffy ball, and if it is DIY or Chippolino, on the contrary, smooth. Other materials (buttons, pieces of fur, beads, etc.) necessary for the manufacture of the mouth, ears, hair and other parts of the hero. Working with balls of yarn children love their ease and expressiveness. This type of work is not new.

It was mentioned in tolmudah on housekeeping and needlework still at the start of the 20th century. But now this kind of work unfairly forgotten. Already prepared design (ball of thread) gives an impetus to the creative vision of the guys on the manufacturing of fun and the most sought after craft. Small additions of other materials help make the desired image: Pinocchio, Dunno, swallow, etc. When you work with tangles, along with the main objective – the formation of engineering skills and intellectual children – in a class of school and solved their problem. Crafts of balls are plastic, expressive and can be used as gifts loved ones, as winnings during various competitions, mass entertainment, etc.