If to compare the proposals sent in writing you launch with them verbal, demonstrated in Graph 1, we will see the economy made in this process. The City council saved R$2.340, 00 (two a thousand, three hundred and forty Reals) in common gasoline to the end of the proclamation, with the reduction of the price of the fuel for the winning company. The proposal final of the winning company was about 9,52% minor who launches it initial sent in writing for the same one. Ahead of these numbers we can affirm that the best quality of the proclamation is its economicidade, therefore, as the bidders can lower its offers and dispute the sales of the object in question, the prices costumam to arrive the platforms well lower of what the obtained ones with the too much modalities. Another quality is the reduction of the time where if transcorre the licitation, for being lesser that the too much modalities, make possible faster and efficient acts of contract.

The inversion of the phases, where first the proposals of prices are opened and, later, the qualification only of the winning bidders, provides to greater agility in the licitatrio process. The commission does not lose time analyzing all the documents of the too much participant companies. Moreover, the existence of only one recursal phase, in contrast of the licitations instituted for Law 8,666/93 where it has Administrative remedy in the qualification phase and another one in the phase of proposals, guarantees the licitation more rapidity. The transparency allowed in its development is a very important quality. All the society can follow, in time Real, the proclamations in progress, guaranteeing bigger fiscalization of its processes.