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First point You only lead you will be yourself capable to be a good example. It does not believe leadership for the imposition, the force, the totalitarian attitude or mandatario.para vc to lead a group or any that seija vc has that to believe a good example, in the example of what vc make, of […]

Digital Marketing

Its business to grow and to produce, you need to make marketing and divulge it. More info: Rich Dad Poor Dad. Folders, postcards, mouth the mouth, periodicals, are not enougher to compete nowadays. The age of the Digital Marketing arrived, what it includes the advertising services on line. One of the main advantages of the […]

Federal District

Establishes the general norms on the licitatrios processes and pertinent administrative contracts on workmanships, services, also of advertising, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope being able of them of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the cities. the contained only Paragraph in it defines the agencies subordinated to this law, that are […]

Federal Institutions

It has an expectation of growth of the technician-administrative body, in order administration to be worried about the preparation of the new servers who will enter the UFGD. se. CONCLUSION Considering the decree of 5.707 of 23 of February of 2006 and law 11,091 of 12 of January of 2005, can affirms that the programs […]

The Future

All its analysis will be based on appropriate solutions and techniques the real necessities of its contractor, whom it so only aims at to assure physical integrity moral of the people, the patrimonial protection and the physical and legal image, eliminating and reducing the risks in potential. In its evaluation for the development of the […]


The games flash had grown exponentially to the measure that the Internet grows. They have obtained to grasp to the Internet in the computer, mainly any person, of all the ages. Being thus, I go to approach in this article this subject. The sprouting of this hearing created in all webmasters a passion for the […]


In accordance with the economic theory, the well determined price of has as resulted the confrontation, in the market, between its search on the part of the consumers and its it offers on the part of the producers. In relation to the search, the value attributed for the consumers depends on the utility that these […]


If to compare the proposals sent in writing you launch with them verbal, demonstrated in Graph 1, we will see the economy made in this process. The City council saved R$2.340, 00 (two a thousand, three hundred and forty Reals) in common gasoline to the end of the proclamation, with the reduction of the price […]

De Janeiro Research

In the collection of data the reader must itself be informed who with the research gets itself given that they need stops to answer to the problem in question. The data can be dealt with quantitative form when it is used of statistical procedures, that is, to measure the frequency of the investigated phenomenon, or […]

Jane Iara Pear

We understand that the institutions that possess implanted programs QVT keep them they extend and them, demonstrating to its collaborators who the adopted actions aim at to make possible an improvement or contribution to reduce the impact of the daily pressures on the individuals. In relation the institutions that not yet possess programs QVT, implant […]