Australian English Literature

In the literature usually arise conversations between the characters of stories. These dialogues involuntarily bump into memory and, after some time, the student begins to notice that he uses in his speech, these very unconsciously. Will not elaborate on where and how you can get the book in electronic form. Now we will talk about how to derive maximum benefit from reading the literature in a foreign language. If your vocabulary yet does not exceed 2-3 thousand words, then we recommend starting with adapted books. Hopefully, this expression does not confuse you. It means, in most cases is that rare in the use of the phrase will be translated into a footnote bottom of the page, or simply replaced with a more clear and frequent counterpart.

Also in these books are page-dictionary that allows you to quickly peek meaning of the word, and not look for it in the dictionary. Adapted books have some degree of conditional adaptation. You can focus on school level. If you can easily read such texts for grades 5-6, it's time to move on lyrics for the 7-8 classes. It's all simple. K Fortunately, nowadays the literature of various styles and quite a lot of American and British writers. When you see that adapted for the 8.9 class books you can read easily, then it's time start adding to their books not adapted the book. From simple to read, you can call the genre .

Of course, the difficulty of the work depends not only on the author, but the specifics of this product. Thus, say, unadapted certainly seem complicated, well, the book series, cs Lewis Carroll would be a good choice for beginners. Anyway, you can always rely on a number of unfamiliar words and phrases on one page If you read 5 pages and on each you had to look to the dictionary more than 10 times better to leave this book for later. Pleasure from reading it you still get the dubious. Although, if you catch the general content, can read this work, ie, to look into the dictionary only where you really can not understand what they mean. In this case, we recommend you return to this work later on, when you will realize that your level of knowledge greatly increased. With the development of the Internet, download e-books to get very easily. Paying reading books at least 12-14 hours weekly, even in the absence of excellent memory, a year and a half, you become a master books and newspapers of any complexity. Of course, if we are not talking about specialized texts, which are in the native language will be difficult to understand. Good way to learn languages!