Best Cure

Couple pints of good barley beer – that's the best way to prevent cancer. This conclusion was the Japanese medical scientists from the National Institute of Radiology in Tokyo. NMMU has compatible beliefs. Studies have shown that regular drinking of beer protects cells from the damaging effects of radiation and reduces the risk of cancer by more than 30%. Moreover, the 'drunken' of cancer patients experience improved health – and thus the foam golden beverage has not only preventive but also curative properties. Focus magazine cites experiments which, in fact, allowed scientists to make such an unusual statement. The study involved more beer lovers: they only had a desire to overturn a mug or two in a nice company. Of course, the whole company, or, to put it more precisely, 'Test Group', was to appear on 'tasting' as clean as a whistle.

All participants have experience a blood sample – a small disturbance, discomfort – and then offered each cherished pint of excellent beer. Focus adds: barley beer. Guinea pigs plenty of fun, after which they again took a blood test, and go home, where the lucky spree continued, or, speaking the language of science 'began to prevention of cancer. " Meanwhile, the lab was in full swing work, and this is the result: the hereditary material in cells of second sample (The one that took away after drinking beer), found tremendous resistance to harmful radiation: the risk of mutation after 'drink' has declined by almost 30%! Explain this effect have not yet succeeded, but researchers suggest that the cause of all – the biomolecules beta-pseudouridine. It is possible that when the connection is highlighted, and the scientists finally sorted out in the mechanisms of chemical and biochemical processes that it initiates, getting into the human body, medicine, get a new tool to combat the severe consequences of radiotherapy. Incidentally, doctors have long known the healing properties similar to caffeine, the extract garlic and Japanese soybean paste miso.