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Recognize that each generation has different characteristics. Each generation is known for certain defined characteristics. Recognize and integrate the generational guidelines on employment will allow all generations will benefit. For example: the traditionalists and the Boomers in general rely and continue the policies of the company, and expect that others also do it. Gene and they question and are not always in accordance with established policies.

Importantly is not frustrated, but understand that it is no generation gap with different ideas. This would give more explanations to these GenY.It is important to hear the comments with an open mind and listen to the validity in their reasoning. Learn how to communicate in different ways. Each generation has particular when communicating preferences, and if you as a manager want to communicate effectively with everyone should be able to handle the differences. The traditionalists they prefer the printed communication, one to one, or by phone. The Millennium generation and expect continuous communication through text messages or internal or external social networks.

A company realize that younger employees had high expectations about their professional development so they began a program of coaching between these and the more mature vendors to promote exchanges and dialogues to guide its development. Develop their generationally appropriate way sales representatives. Just as you does not communicate in the same way with everyone in your group of sellers, nor can you develop and motivate everyone in the same way. More mature generations can be sitting in a meeting all day, the gene and will be uneasy and bored in less than one hour if the material is interesting and varied. Of the Millennium prefer to learn through the use of coaches, mentors, online and among their own group of contacts. East ready to expand the way in which trains its employees. Keep in mind the 5 things that do relate to the gene and. The generation and is known to be interested in politics, they are aware of their social responsibility, they have high knowledge of new technologies, they are committed to learning and they are motivated to innovate. When you can as manager capitalize on and handle these differences these employees will be motivated and work hard to achieve results. The Millennium Gen have deep passion and commitment by the latest technologies, and promote the use of new products, services, and political movements. 96% Of these employees interact seamlessly with your customers through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Postsecondary members of younger generations as other more mature to share knowledge, use mentoring among them and will see that all learn in the process. _ Contribution: Esther A. Santiago, Business Management Consultant for, email: Copyright original and source of the article.