Confessions Of A Gravedigger

The last Saturday, while waiting for it to begin the route by the cemetery of St. Andrew in Barcelona, had the opportunity to speak with Cesar Martinez, Manager and coordinator of operations of cemeteries. It is a young man’s calm gaze and a great professional who feels proud and done with their work. It is early and offer me a coffee at la casita that cemetery workers use. There is a magical silence. We sat against the table and I ask for permission to publish this impromptu interview.

He is surprised and although reluctant at first, he eventually accepted. PVV: do you come to be gravedigger? Cesar Martinez: Work lived it at home because my father also worked in the cemetery, so very little was already accustomed to it. In any case, I do not like the word gravedigger. When I am asked what I do I respond that I am manipulator of inert bodies – she says smiling and resigned because he knows that his profession is today, still having some rejection by society. PVV: What is your concept of death? C. M: Now sorry as one step further. Me not any fear, it is something natural. PVV: Surely you’ve found in a multitude of situations over the years remember now an anecdote? C.M: Forgives a few seconds and with some sadness added:-the worst are the fights.

Funerals are hard moments of mixed emotions and sometimes relatives smolders is to shock, so we have had to intervene on some occasions and it leaves you very bad body. I also remember another very sad situation in which a lady fainted. We were surprised because the relatives not succour as era of wait and we were that we had to respond and call the ambulance. Within two days we were burying her. On another occasion to give the key, (formerly gave to the nearest relative, symbolically key which closes the coffin, now you don’t) fought women legitimizes and the mistress of the deceased and also had to intervene so that they calm.