DEGERenergie Opens

First DEGERtraker at the Tunis-Carthage airport installed Horb a.N., January 28, 2010. Pinterests opinions are not widely known. DEGERenergie expands its activity in the African market. Filed under: Pinterest. A few days ago, the first three models of the DEGERtraker were installed 7000NT from the Tunis-Carthage airport. DEGERenergie is the world market leader for solar tracking systems. Contracting Authority for the installation at the Tunis-Carthage airport is the Centre international de technologie de l Environnement de Tunis, a competence centre of the Tunisian Ministry of environment. The project is leading managed by the Tunisian leader solar energy system SES, which also operates two wind turbines.

With the power we gain from the photovoltaic modules and wind turbines, we shed light on the main road outside the airport\”, SES Project Director Selim Kanzari explains. The installation of course for energy production, especially but also serves as a demonstration project. With the lighting of the airport main street we carry the benefit clearly in mind.\” The three DEGERtrakern are a total of 120 photovoltaic modules of the Spanish manufacturer Isofoton installed with 170 watts peak per module. We are using the DEGERenergie very happy, so Selim Kanzari. The quality is excellent, and the systems are very easy to install.

We will use total, these systems most definitely are better than those of other manufacturers\”in future DEGERenergie technology.\” Thanks to the new dining setting, which has now adopted the Tunisian Government, SES expect strong market growth, Selim Kanzari. I’m sure in the future many new solar plants will be built in Tunisia. But we are active in many other African countries. So we are planning a large project in southern Libya.\”the Tunisian as ever the North African and Arab space developed, currently very promising\”, explains Peter Scherer, Vice President of sales at DEGERenergie. We are very pleased that we have found an outstanding and active partner with solar energy systems in the next few years, many more projects in North Africa realize want.\” Artur Deger: With the expansion of our business on the African continent, we reinforce our leadership in the world market.