E-commerce, buy and sell over the net brief introduction of e-commerce, shops and shopping on the net. Technological advances in computing and Internet communications have been evolving activities of people, as well as the way of doing business. Internet has become the ideal platform for the development of small and large companies, to allow the globalisation of products and services. Trade has also been benefited with these advances, the so-called E-commerce or e-commerce. And, what is E-commerce? E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet and more specifically on the World Wide Web.

We could say that E-commerce is structured by virtual stores on websites that offer online catalogs. Even virtual malls have been created with a lot of shops with all kinds of accessories for sale. This form of e-commerce has become to large companies that already they are listed on the stock exchange and are the most visited internet portals. E.g., has been consolidated as the most important library in the world, receiving millions of visitors per month and thousands of orders for books; It has even opened new services of selling music and videos because of the success that has obtenidoy that is due in part to the interaction with users who can recommend books and write their views thereon in the same section where they sell. Another prominent in this field is CD-NOW, shop where you can buy all sorts of music and simultaneously find information about all quealli artists listed. And so, hundreds of businesses have been born on the internet and other companies that had already consolidated in the market, are making the transition, offering increasingly better services by generated competition.

Computers, home appliances, furniture, books, music, movies, video games, air tickets, reservations, sporting goods, floral arrangements, attire and actions they are just some of the products and services that can be easily purchased online. With the large number of interconnected users around the world, this new medium of sales must be exploited immediately by companies that wish to venture into the latest technologies and interested in promoting their products in search of potential clients that could be located across the world. And so difficult is to start an online store? Due to the large number of companies involved in this field, it is very easy to have a virtual store. With services such as Yahoo store, that allow to operate a store in 10 minutes without the need for greater knowledge of the network and minimal investment, thousands of people are trying their luck in this new market. The only problem? Demand has been so great to be able to stand out there to have a good sales strategy, a product that is easy to send and which do not need direct contact with the buyer (e.g. a book or a CD is something that I can buy without seeing it, but a house or an automobile are What is best to know before you buy). And finally to give to know a business and achieve to generate sales, a marketing strategy that promotes the site both in virtual Internet media as traditional as the radio and television media is necessary. and you want to know: and what about the payment?And what about security? more information beam click here original author and source of the article.