In accordance with the economic theory, the well determined price of has as resulted the confrontation, in the market, between its search on the part of the consumers and its it offers on the part of the producers. In relation to the search, the value attributed for the consumers depends on the utility that these obtain to remove of its consumption, that is, of the degree of satisfaction of necessities that the consumption of the good offers. How much to it offers, the value attributed to the good for the producers depends on the production costs, that is, of the value that is necessary to spend in productive factors to get definitive amount of the good. For some productive factors, the prices assume other assignments, nominated: Price of the work = wage; Price of the money = interest; Price of the cession of installations = income. With the globalization, competitiveness and national market in opening the companies if see in incited competition, therefore had the technological advances and proliferation of products these are forced if to improve stops to be able to reach its objectives and also to survive in the market. The politics of formation of prices of products/services is a vital factor for competitive advantage of the company, since in a model of open market the price starts to be a regulating cash between offers and the search. In such a way and of great importance that the managers mainly possess the knowledge of structure of costs of its companies for the attribution of politics of formation of price in harmony with the current market and with the objectives of the organization. Each company must create its proper model of management, where the resources of professional and directed form to all chance are managed all where the company is inserted, observing its strategical particularitities and effect in the market.