Florentine Fernandez

Neither it I have been, nor I am it nor I will be it ” , it trenches Fernandez. In spite of the disadvantages, this televising animal has not taken in finding new habitat, that from now on it will be the Neox chain. ” In the last stage of Trivialities we were stagnating, because we had a blockade budgetary and we could not offer nothing else to audiencia” , it remembers. ” Now we will be able to demonstrate that, managing a good one budget, you can do something that to people hooks to him, without needing being soez, vulgar or pathetic. There will be moments at which we are it, because it is humor in direct and it always can happen, but will try to avoid it ” as far as possible; , the presenter confirms. Moved other will respect the bases of its predecessor with the participation of Anna Simon and Dani Martinez, but it will include new sections, sketches, news articles and, mainly, the flaming faces of Cristina Pedroche (ex- of I know what you did) and Raul Go’mez (that before exerted of reporter in Falls Who Falls).

” They are interesting signings who are going to us to come very well, because they will contribute its sand granite to the project that we came doing from Trivialities. Over being a genius they are the desire to make things, and they have many ” , he praises Fernandez. The list is completed with Manuel and Engracia, one of the most charismatic pairs of Beijing Express, that will transfer their rustic spirit to the great city. ” We have known them in a context brilliant, giving returned by China, but they must more petroleum than remove to obtain that to people divierta” , it notices the presenter. Besides sections like direct Escoa, Zapping afterhours or Passion of Ganapanes, the space moved Other will foment the participation of the spectator through the social networks. ” People handle or the fact very to send a video, a photo or assembly to us.

We want to foment that type of energy and creatividad” , it asserts Fernandez. Its irruption in the small screen took place in Tonight we crossed the Mississippi, but the presenter became in the Unreliable person, format created in 1998 great and that, after its disappearance in 2002, has known many imitadores. The director of Trivialities and moved Other is Miguel Ferrer Angel, one of the scriptwriters of the Unreliable person, a program that, according to Fernandez remembers, had ” a very good creative current ” that it tries to maintain ” over todo” in this new experiencia”.