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The Portuguese

The Portuguese load hard against the associated Oddvar Moen. It underwent one lasts entrance of Leko by which they had to sew to him. The player was not expelled and yes Marcelo, to pretend penalti. The Portuguese of Real Madrid Christian Ronaldo hard criticized to the referee Oddvar Moen, at the end of the party […]

Germany Vetoes The Bilateral Pacts With Greece On The Rescue

Each solution for the crisis of the Euro and the sovereign debt finds a new problem. Or several. The agreement on the second plan of financial rescue of Greece and the extension of the stabilization bottom found soon but that it untied the wrath of the markets: it did not enter in force immediately, had […]

Wikipedia Demand

The owners of the lodging accuse the finder to harm when showing in the first place information and escabrosas photos to them of the accident of 33 years ago. Google assures that it is results of a neutral algorithm. The camping the Sand banks of Alcanar (Tarragona) has presented/displayed a demand against Google by infringement […]