Gareth Morgan

In short, this objective would only be reached if the companies had in its command somebody really capable thing to have a more perspicacious vision, of some angles, that is, the introduction of the call was really necessary from that moment ' ' vision sistmica' ' inside of the organizations (Bertalanffy, 1950). 2.A PROFESSION OF the ADMINISTRATOR IN BRAZIL Leading in account that ' ' figura' ' of the Administrator it is well recent (officialized in 09/09/1965, more necessarily), in professional remote times of other consolidated areas already in the occasion exerted the paper of the same, as the Accountants, for example, due to great concern with the enterprise expenses, above all. In its book ' ' Images of the Organizao' ' Gareth Morgan (1996) leaves clear the importance of the metaphor of the organization as brain, where the Administrators would have that, throughout the time, to develop the ability of ' ' to learn aprender' ' , in a comparison with the wealth of information and knowledge that absorbs a human brain; he seems that the author already foresaw what would be a precious requirement in the organizations of a future not very distant. Add to your understanding with Robert Kiyosaki. When he says yourself in Administration, mainly for a pupil who is you give to opt to the course, but they do not have a roll of enough information on the same, the first idea that the mind comes it is of a professional the dress, tender and necktie well, that passes its day atarefado behind a table signing stacks and stacks of documents, followed of some reports to confer and having its disposal a team, without if forgetting a secretary and an operator. The idea, a priori, was of that the Administrator, for being the head of the company, not necessarily could ' ' to put the hand in massa' ' , in a well popular expression, but it would be always in the top of the organization, of where it would command everything and all. .