Guiding Amplitude

These fabrics pass for a constant remodelagem throughout the life, through removal processes and of substitution of fabrics, of one general deed of division this process of remodelagem occurs very well controlled for the fabric sseo, but with the arrival of the aging and the association until patologias, the sprouting of osteoporose is very common, that generally it can cause some type of disequilibrium in the fabric sseo, fragilizando the bones and becoming the more vulnerable breakings supposedly influenced by the deficiency of the calcium absorption that is very common in aged. Giving to continuity to the studies of the musculoesqueltico system sseos fabrics, the joints and the ligaments also they develop a basic paper in the locomotion and the amplitude of the movements of the body, where if it makes necessary to also understand some particularitities that if develop during the aging process. Possibly the actions that can come to compromise the joints and the ligaments during the aging, can be still associated to some patologias or traumas acometidos in the aged ones. (Source: Hyundai). Guiding itself still for the studies of Kauffman (2001), two types of joints are classified: sinovial joint the calls (diartroses) and not sinovial joint called (sinartroses), that they differ one from the other when they are related with the amplitude of movement for exerting functions differentiated in the musculoesqueltico system. Diartroses allows a bigger amplitude of movement and sinartroses presents limitations of movement, in general the two is compromised in its performance during the aging process. With the advance of the age if it observes that the joints tend to present calcificaes, in special in sindesmos the fibrosas joints of the type.