Mangement Adiministration, Latin America

As well as in our role as business consultant, we have increased The profitability of many companies. this is Especially of SMEs that these are under the management of a woman. and many of them favorable results in the operation, achievements, development of the company. Indeed, one can not ignore the role of women in business today, especially in the Venezuelan case that concerns us and it gives us, which are becoming more numerous women who are part of the labor force in Venezuela, which still occupy positions in the upper echelons of corporations are still very few. The contemporary management requires every professional a high level of efficiency, commitment and competitiveness, but when it comes to women, these tasks must be coordinated with the roles of wife and mother at the same time, all without neglecting the physical appearance, another the key for success at work is commented that the product market study commissioned consultants Codyr signature reveals that 59 percent of respondents considered as competent as their male colleagues, while 39 percent believe it is even more . Reflecting the high level of security they have in themselves and perception that women are not disadvantaged in the labor field. “Every day women occupy important places in companies and has climbed the rankings to 10 or 15 years ago had not reached. Today there are companies in the world have women occupying positions at the highest executive levels, including the presidency; and this trend includes countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, to name the most representative of Latin America, “said Miguel Antonetti, general manager in Venezuela of Korn Ferry International, a company dedicated to the development and selection of human capital.