She praised us for our intelligence by saying that 'strange' alien vendors evicted from here. Yes, we ourselves have seen the picture when even at the entrance to the man with carrying the two men ran from the requirement to show the contents, took the pups for small money, but most were not allowed even inside! Pacing between the stalls, we have heard with horror as the two Women 'cute' to discuss current 'business' theme – how to break the ears of pets to foist their customers under the guise of Fold kittens. Came up to his friend happily reported that 'vparila' just 'Lohamei' under view 'manual speaker' Jacko – the ordinary 'savage', and at a good price! After all, only a sophisticated buyer knows: that, if the seller attempts to catch the parrot from the cage, he starts to thrash about wildly and yelling, then means that this is a wild, non-handheld parrot, what if, before thrust his hand into the cage, the seller puts on the gloves – hence, a wild bird and painful bite, no manual (it can cause serious injury), which trained the conversation is not All parrot species (parrots minority), although the 'Bird' you will be assured that taught to speak realistically, even a chicken, the nature case, which was told in the news: at the 'Bird' one trader sells a family with three young children Aru. Later (after a month) parrot posthumously diagnosed: it turned out that he was suffering from tuberculosis and died due to the fact that did not receive treatment.