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The day after the entry into Tripoli from the rebels. Saif al-Islam denies his capture appears Another son of Gaddafi, Mohamed, has also managed to flee. 9.25. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, has expressed the willingness to accompany and not tutelary transition in Libya to the extent that it may be useful to the construction of the new State. In an interview, the Minister said that she would never speak of guardianship and other accompanying, and has valued the role of the contact group that has worked on a permanent basis as well as the role of United Nations. Jimenez also said that Libya has not ratified the Rome Statute and is not obliged to put al-Gaddafi at the disposal of international justice.

9.21. The Tunisian Government stated its profound satisfaction after the courageous victory in the free will of the Libyan people, that crowns his fight for freedom and dignity, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed in a statement. The Government Transitional Tunisian paid a tribute to the memory of the martyrs of the Libyan Revolution, highlighted the historic ties between the two neighbouring countries and pledged full support to the realization of their aspirations. 8.58. NATO will maintain its mission in Libya not only until fall leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, but until all attacks cease and allow access to humanitarian aid, confirmed sources of the Atlantic Alliance. The aim of our mission is to protect the civilian population and while there is a threat we will continue flying over the area, said the sources. Responsible for NATO and the unified guard operation will analyze this Tuesday at press conference operations in Libya before the possible fall of the Gaddafi regime after the advance of the rebels in Tripoli. 8.40 Moroccan Foreign Affairs, Taib Fassi Fihri, Minister and the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, will travel Tuesday to Benghazi to meet with Abdel Jalil Mustafa, the President of the Council National transition, the organ of Government established by the rebels.