Organization Proposals

In this group, its delegates are representatives of neighborhood associations, which in turn represent the interests of its colony in particular, added up all interests of each colony, is have a goal clear and look for the common good, to already with this information let it see the Government so hence they depart the actions that need to be performed (in theory, this Parliament of settlers, is what should be a Government, a representation of the interests of the people with actions carried out to search for the common good). For these elections on July 5, for example, this Association is demanding the candidates, to be involved with proposals that makes the body and two days before the election are going to give to know who if you responded to the call and signed them. On this occasion, these proposals involve 11 commitments that must meet any candidate who reaches the Presidency, since they were made according to the needs of the colonies. Commitments range from the environment with the elaboration of a programme of environmental territorial ordering and a special program for climate change in one period not exceeding three months. In the sustainable urban development require approving regulations and planning processes to reorient the management, growth and Foundation of population centers. For citizen participation, they demand enforce and grow the period of 15 to 30 days public consultation on partial plans of urban development. Public safety asked submit a comprehensive safety program.

In health, presenting a program that includes construction, rescue and medical care spaces equipment. In the economic promotion require approval of the indefinite rotation license to simplify formalities. In the re-establishment of the rule of law is demanded the removal from Office to the staff member who violates the laws and regulations. To have all these proposals take effect, it is necessary that they work before the first session of the cabildo in each municipality. Do not carry out these proposals and demands, would be reason to call for him and impose upon the municipal President submitted his resignation. The solution lies in us, only we must of stop that trample us and demand the Government accountable and meets the proposals. The solution must come through the Organization of society to expose your needs and not through violence.