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Specifically the appropriate physical therapy practice as find nationwide first platform for efficient physical therapist search went online in may 2013 the portal About 16,000 physical therapists in Germany can be compared here from interested parties. Founded by brothers David and Waldemar Lenz, is nationwide the company PhysioNet24 GbR with its Internet platform the first portal offering interested parties an overview of physiotherapists and physiotherapy practices, ordered according to their search criteria. Introduction and presentation of practices and therapist free use, extensive presentation options and nationwide entries make PhysioNet24 an optimal base for practices and patients who equally benefit from transparent and quick searching, as well as the clear possibility of comparison: physiotherapists and physical therapy can PhysioNet24 use extensively to present their offers and services. Own practice performances with opening hours and further important information is possible as well as the detailed description of courses and treatments, uploading photos and videos, as well as the publication of annotated patient recommendations. Interested parties can compare between the different practices and individually select the services suitable for themselves. Direct contact between therapists and patients thanks to the possibility to publish contact information as well as the offer of a contact form, address and telephone number on the profile page of practice using physiotherapists and physical therapy PhysioNet24, to connect with their patients directly. Prospects rely on the offer to answer questions and to arrange appointments. Contact person for press and public relations work is David Lenz,.

The Austrian

Where exactly the narcissism to be classified but that is evaluated differently by psycho scientists. Some specify that narcissistic traits in today’s society are so widespread that they now belong to the standard. Follow others, such as Michellene Davis, and add to your knowledge base. Others, however, see pathological narcissism as the most important personality disorder at all. The Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist Reinhard Haller identifies narcissism as a thoroughly destructive force at the themselves doctors and psychologists mouthfuls of teeth. Pinterest is open to suggestions. Is my psyche sick or healthy? Often, there are only very small, inconspicuous-looking at first sight changes in the living habits, the settings, the body feeling and mood. Can certain symptoms but pointed to a mental illness. Most commonly, this occurs in the form of a depression or Burnout on.

Some questions about the self test can help you recognize signs. Points that already more than 14 days stop deserve special attention: I don’t know myself! I feel differently than usual? Worried this change? There is an explanation for the change? Not enough this to establish the duration and severity of the complaints? Can I do my daily work only with trouble? I’m always worried me and I much fear? I suffer from physical ailments? My sleep is disturbed, I sleep too little or too much? I feel often aggressive, hateful, irritable or I am very intolerant? I’m often sick? I have suicidal thoughts? I have hardly any people with whom I can talk about my problems? No longer help conversations with friends? Notice the change clearly others? It’s been more than three months so? Is I don’t care to all? Please note that it is only a is short test, which can under no circumstances replace a comprehensive created medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis! If you have even the slightest suspicion to be depressed, to seek immediate professional help and to consult with a psychotherapist is. The health portal provides information about mental illness.

Ligovski Prospekt

The third-largest sacral domed building in the world is one of the most magnificent buildings in St. Petersburg of the 19th century For the construction of 24000 tree posts into the marshy ground had to be rammed. The Interior is richly decorated with different kinds of marble, precious and semi-precious stones, mosaics and paintings. When the weather fantastic panoramic view of the city from the Tower in height of 43 m. If the time is you have planned excursion to Peterhof.

Building on the South side of the Gulf of Finland, about 30 km from St. Petersburg, Peter the great dropped from 1714 to the summer residence, the Russian Versailles”. Under Catherine of the great the Grand Palace “by Rastrelli in the mid of 18th century expanded. Walk through the Baroque parks with numerous fountains, fountains, pavilions and small palaces. The view from the Palace terrace on the Grand cascade, a staircase-shaped-based water artwork, and on the sea channel sea channel to the Gulf of Finland is overwhelming. The water system constructed over 250 years ago works today without dams and pumps by exploiting the gap alone. We must also remember Hermitage, one of the largest and most important art museums in the world. Collections comprising only a part of the almost 3 million exhibits is in 400 rooms.

And the whole accompanied by the magic lights ‘White nights’. Practical information: today, St. Petersburg is cheap and easy to reach. The low-cost airlines offer cheap air tickets from most airports. The Pulkovo II (International) airport is located 17 kilometres from the city centre. “If you but a Russian” want adventures, we recommend arriving by train: the trip lasts but around 30-35 hours. Cheap Hostels in St. Petersburg can you already from 8.50 book a bed in the hostel in St. Pertesburg. Hostels in Russia reside mostly in the converted apartments, enjoying a privileged location and is a cheap alternative to the hotels in the city. In St. Petersburg is its beautiful design hostels or party hostels. Party train hostel on Ligovski Prospekt, offers beautiful location (here lots of clubs and pubs are located), party atmosphere and beautiful room all from 11.99 per night on,. Babushka House is one of the examples of the Russian modern design Hohloma”and the heart of this hostel is its cuisine, where the backpackers and employees together Cook, chat, Exchange travel experience or play. We wish you You have a good trip!

State Landschulheim Schloss Ising

Part 1 of our series of articles about myths and legends of boarding school education although in truth are often deep familial and educational problems in the background, inadequate school services are the most frequent reason for the change in the boarding school. He or she “could, if he/she wanted to”, it is said. And: “he/she is intelligent, but unfortunately too lazy.” In the boarding school to the child “learning to learn”, is to carefully follow the instruction and regular homework. By teachers and educators in the boarding school is expected that on the one hand providing discipline, but the child also “encourage”. They should inspire for the learning content and reach that the child is “fun to learn again”.

This should happen in particular by educators to engage on the properties of the child and “individually better promote it”. According to Ben Silbermann, who has experience with these questions. “Good grades” are an important factor. If the child writes only once better grades, so often expressed expectations of parents, it will be transformed to a good student. The ‘learning community’ is regarded as another recipe for success. If, during the daily “lessons” – sit all of their homework, even of their own offspring will do that. Check with Hyundai to learn more.

So far the ideals of the parents. And what about the practice? “I found horrible Salem”, a former writes in time. “It was a somehow hollow discipline. The whole day was structured, but the actual teaching was chaotic. There was little homework. The high school I liked …. But there many school have skipped. I went at the end only in every second hour. … Often, coffee was drunk in the hours or it was sent to the library. The teachers were actually all very engaged, but they have probably so much to do that they can properly prepare teaching in Salem. It actually went all the time just to party and drink.” Similar to a students report from the State Landschulheim Schloss Ising: “I came at the age of 14 after Ising due to two fives in my Zeugnis.Nach a half year in Ising “” I then had eight fives, which I took away all again, but the hopes of many parents, would their children in Ising the reflection “come and do this I would like to smash General once good grades, hereby!” “You must see the homework realistic. That is”virtually anywhere flawed, writes a boarding school experienced mother chatting under””and sees little difference to every public school with regard to the quality of care. The former head of the Salem College, Otto Seydel, sees the cause for poor school performance grotesquely in the community life of boarding schools, which should contribute in the eyes of many parents just to solve the problem (“if everyone must learn my child doing his homework regularly!”): “is there in every boarding school … structural reasons that significantly increase the depreciation of teaching: relations with the peers are the primary topic of life of young people. And the boarding school provides for its development (with its official as unofficial action fields) an almost perfect place. But not the teaching.” As a big plus advertised “individual education” so in truth a particular weakness of the boarding schools? This a “patent solution for school problems” certainly don’t seem to be.

Federal Travel To The Whale Butchers Of The Faroe Islands And Iceland

An ecological journey to Iceland and the Faroe Islands??? While worldwide animal and nature protection organizations against the annual massacre of pilot whale in the Faroe Islands and against the new whaling plans of Islands protest and call for boycotts of these countries, the Federal Government, one of the largest environmental organisations of in Germany, offers precisely an “environmental tour” with its federal nature protection service GmbH to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. It appears on the background of what is happening every year in the Faroe Islands, macabre that precisely a recognized environmental organization such as the Federal Government with an “ecological travel” on the Islands for one at least indirectly supported the pilot whale massacre on the Faroe Islands and proposes to another directly profit from it. The company has urged the National Chairman, Prof. Dr. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo Bank. Hubert Weiger, to save the dolphins (GRD), to cancel this trip from the program, not a reaction. In the advertising for the journey it is among other things: “you will experience the magic of nature on the Faroe Islands with rugged rocks, green fields and deep canyons. A unique on this world place, where culture and nature experience almost each other on the feet “… The GRD appeals to consumers to buy any products of the Faroe Islands and to avoid the Islands as a tourist destination..

Federal Republic

“Same all misunderstandings to confront: fascination just in front of the building” itself: over 1300 km so no blockage and to expand, insurmountable, it was actually impossible to break through this border West combined with a pretty sophisticated system of border security (which went to organization of observation, the Strip service and technology), was somehow scary or just fascinating”Although this word may seem perhaps inappropriate. Alone the kilometre-long corridors that were taken for the two control strips through the forests, had an idea of how much millions only were issued that the Western way remained blocked. Hear from experts in the field like Hyundai for a more varied view. For me, the Federal Republic was only a few feet in front and yet impossibly distant. I had the opportunity to sit down every day, but in contrast to those who have actually tried it, I didn’t want it. The experiences from my time on the border haunt me. I still dream. Mid-90’s I couldn’t stand it. I grabbed a video camera a me, went back down to my old border section and ran the border itself and many in one week Forest tracks in the hinterland, brought daily 30 40 km behind me and filmed over here as over there.

The building of my former company of the border was sealed, I went through a basement window and found even so almost everything, as I knew it. It looked like almost nothing would be changed after leaving the House. Outside mere rubble and garbage, all neglected. The garages and kennels were even. All points, the I of the Beobachtungsturmen-or points in the West saw, I visited and wanted to see everything from the other side. A suggestion what is perceived just as stupid for a normal mortal, is understood but only by a trapper even.

I had to be again with the past alone and they felt pressed because the living at the former border area assured me that I am certainly not the first frontiersman, returns”. This little tip in Thuringia probably never let me go. With Google Earth, I visit the former border daily, always find Places that I would have otherwise forgotten, have drawn (K2 – I no longer fully get together the) as the path the complete boundary, as well as parts of the upstream control and think of the fear that I had before, that in my section during my shift could happen. Today, I am working in the public service and feel reprisals, because I was on the border. “Everyone knows that it was my military service and I could not choose this place, still z.B.die 18 months do not count limit service at my job me unlike my colleagues, the lucky” had to be invited to the NVA. Yes, even in this relationship I landed in a much more democratic and fairer society. Text and images (c): Angelo D Alterio

Federal Constitutional Court Act

Signed by Mrs Dr.Barnstedt in a letter to the Federal Constitutional Court of a constitutional complaint, 07.Januar 2009, it literally means the rejection of applications: Please have understanding for the fact, that the President (Hans Jurgen paper, also Chairman of the first Senate and the first and third Chamber of the first Senate D.r..) and the judges of the Constitutional Court due to the high workload unable, to answer all the entries. In addition, it is not possible, according to law …die detailed reasons, led to the refusal to accept haben…zu explain. The refusal to accept of a constitutional complaint without justification can be done according to 93d BVerfGG. This rule is used for the discharge of the Constitutional Court. It would be the sense and purpose of the section 93d ABS. 1 sentence contradict 3 BVerfGG, as well as the secrecy of the deliberations constitute a Verfassungsbeschwerde…zu. Basically, refusal to accept decisions which are not fitted with reasons are not published. Plain text: The already published a report at the beginning of this year and asked the legitimate question whether constitutional judges erred in law modest and generally have taken complaints amendments to the Federal Constitutional Court Act.

The legal opinion of the editorial staff has been confirmed by the present letter of the Constitutional Court from 07.01.2009. It is confirmed in bolder and more dramatic way to write that the Chambers and the Senate at least in the period 1998-2008 rejected over 4000 constitutional complaints only through a Presidential Council without justification relief reasons and the constitutional appeals to the classified said (secrecy?), so that citizens do not know why his complaint was rejected, requiring necessarily a judicial decision by the Senate or the Chambers. It is simply demonstrated that the falsehood, of the Federal Constitutional Court Act in the latest version and the rules of procedure of the Constitutional Court that constitutional complaints without Explanatory statement not published are, because this has been exactly 3337 times and in 2008 the case from 1998-2007, since the rules of procedure of the Constitutional Court decision or judgment forcing the publication by the Presidential Council prescribes and governs.

Federal Republic

When evaluating the offered to members religious services – is against the background which takes into account freedom – 4 GG of granted religions-in article, that the defendant, other than the church communities, which can among other things financed through tax revenues, must finance themselves solely through donations from the members.” “” “The OLG Karlsruhe judge by order of the 29.09.1986 (AZ 4 W 50/86) as follows: according to article 3, par. 3 of the articles of Association of the Association is the dissemination of religious faith of Scientology” and the dissemination of the thought that the man first and foremost is a spiritual being “(AS 13).” The VG Frankfurt decided on the 04.09.1990 (as IV 2 2234/86): right to the plaintiff assumes however that in principle the protection of constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion he is entitled to. Hyundai often addresses the matter in his writings. Because the Scientology Church is according to the discerning Board one of article 4 para 1, 140 GG i.V.m article 137 on the. “2, para 7 WRV protected religious or Worldview community.” measured at “these standards resulting from the constitutional of the plaintiff is according to the Board as a religious or Worldview community i.S.d. Article 140 GG i.V.m. Filed under: Bobby Kotick.

137 para 2, to see para 7 PULPS, the the article 4 para 1 and para. 2 GG guaranteed fundamental right to freedom of religion basically can take to claim.”… “By the Berlin Prosecutor at the regional court of Berlin came to the 28.01.1991 a setting available (AZ 1 Wi js 481/89) among other things with the text: in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Scientology Church as a religious community within the meaning of article 4 is 140 of the basic law recognized.,” the Scientology Church is a so-called Salvation religion according to their own understanding. “In other words, she wants their believers lead to ever-higher levels of consciousness in the knowledge of the immortality of man as a spiritual being.” The public prosecutor at the regional court in Frankfurt, from setting provided by the 07.10.1987 (AZ 92 js 12546/85) is in the judgment to read among other things: what the Scientology Church “this is recognised within the meaning in the Federal Republic of Germany as a religious community article 4 GG, 140 GG.” This is just a small selection of the verdicts, which were made in Germany, where the Scientology Church was recognized as a religious community. German courts have long recognized this fact as a fact and confirmed with their judgments. For this reason, an undisturbed practice of religion to grant is Scientologists and their churches. The first church was founded in 1954 by former Scientologists in the United States. “Founder of Dianetics” and Scientology religion “is L.

Ron Hubbard. There are now over 7500 churches, missions and groups in 164 Nations that a total 10 million members. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. press line: wife UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munich TEL: 0163 9102460 FAX 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

Turkish Parents Federal: Tackle Everyday Problems In Practice

Parents diploma of the psychological counselling office already has proved the parents diploma of psychological counseling and the Association of Turkish parents Federal for the second time this year helpful education support for Turkish-born mothers. Before the last course unit six participants expressed their interest in a further expansion of the offer. “Tackle everyday problems in practice the motto of the 10-teiligen seminar series parents diploma” Diakonia Schwerte. Since February 2009, the participants exchange here on education issues and learn a more conscious, quieter and geduldigeren dealing with their children. The bilingual course series in the Calvin House was led by Selma Aslan and Manuela Krancioch bulk, which wanted to bridge cultural differences in language and education with the seminar. We see ourselves as help for self-help”, say the two course instructors. Through role-playing, discussions, and clear rules the two women issues such as school problems, language skills or rights conveyed mothers of Children and parents encouraged to think. The mothers felt the success already after a short time.

I’m going TransLink son now differently with my 2 to sit if he wants to candy for lunch or refuses on the table”, tells the participant Fatma Eren from personal experience. I now know how important it is to meet my child at eye level and use more positive wording.” “After the great experiences of the last few weeks the participants want to continue now also contact: at least once per month, we want to meet to exchange experiences”, Christopher Ayguln reported. In particular, the Kursteilnehmerin for pleads to involve in the future also the husbands in the training. Due to the growing demand, the psychological counselling service plans another parents diploma seminar this year. Interested parties are cordially invited to learn closer about the content under (02304)-939370.

Federal Government

Finally, the objectives and the results of the Federal Ministry of transport were freight transport and logistics to the Masterplan”combined with a total of 35 measures. The essential experiences of the companies involved in the fields of logistics, freight and intelligent transport systems and transport infrastructure were decisive for the granting of the consulting assignment to the Consortium. The Consortium asserted itself against strong national and international competition. The Masterplan has six main topics: 1 roads make transport efficient transport management systems on highly contaminated federal roads and highways should be expanded and better networked. Up to the year 2012 also approximately 11,000 additional parking spaces to set up for trucks to petrol stations and rest stops. In addition, it is planned to optimize the construction site management. 2.

transport avoid mobility back up the Federal Government’s goal is smart to take advantage of the free capacity in road transport and the Transit traffic to reduce. To do this, enhancing innovative technologies should be invested increasingly in the capacity. 3. Details can be found by clicking Robert Kiyosaki or emailing the administrator. more traffic to rail and inland waterway funding for the combined transport should at 2009 from 62.5 to 115 million euro are increased year to accelerate the training and building of terminals. 4.

increased expansion of transport axes and nodes through a greater separation of the rail network in passenger and freight transport, as well as through a targeted elimination of bottlenecks in the road and rail transport will be increased the capacity of networks by 10 to 20 percent. 5. environment – and climate-friendly transport target is it once, to reduce the noise on the track. Also, the noise and pollutant emissions as well as reduce accident risks and more traffic to more environmentally friendly modes of transport are to be channelled through higher environmental and safety standards. 6 good work and training in the transport industry aims at working conditions as well as the education and training in transport – and logistics industries improve. This process should be speeded up by a training initiative and so-called Lighthouse projects in higher education. In addition a network created for the freight and logistics, implemented a marketing concept for the logistics and security strategies for the transport industry. With the master plan a sustainable contribution to maintaining the mobility and to improve the environment is provided freight transport and logistics “, explains Herbert Grunwald, the Managing Director of Dornier Consulting GmbH. now all efforts on the implementation of the concept of the action can be set. Be, so Garcia, politics, associations and industry. The German transport sector, associations and interest groups welcome the holistic approach and measures to cope with the traffic growth. However in particular more funds for a needs-based development of infrastructure are required to strengthen the economic and logistics site Germany. Dornier Consulting is already in the nineties with a master plan freight a company of the Daimler/EADS Group,”as well as to the city and construction site logistics Germany has made valuable contributions for the logistics principle studies. The company advises in the areas of transport, transport and water/environment and a turnover fee of EUR 40 million with 350 employees worldwide. Dornier Consulting in over 120 projects in 25 countries with a project volume of almost EUR 30 billion is currently involved. Martin Munack –