Personal Creativity

And so, to make their lives easier, better to follow a ready, proven methodology, making it personal creativity. With time comes experience and many will slip just steps automatically. True, it is necessary to take into account that errors in naming are expensive. Very expensive! Very, very expensive! Too expensive! A classic example of failure of naming: "With the Buick model called LCrosse,, GM does not take into account that the French slang word means masturbation. "Since then, the French market was closed for all models of Buick forever! Source: Alas, examples of good titles around us a little bit. Very little! Even those that are usually not chosen by a professional, but by …

"Divine inspiration"! Just come to mind, and then lo and behold …. Like … normal! Why else would hire a professional? We need to make money! Here and there are companies like "Profstroy" with the slogan "Building a professional" calculated more than that to stand out and convey their identity to the client, but … "to make it." That's right, these firms usually gets the orders of bribes or "to pull" here does not necessarily stand out. Only in due to financial crisis, firms such is becoming less and less. A clever leaders are already looking for new as poor, where no samoindenifikatsii, including by name, simply do not survive. So, we begin. First and foremost – an analysis target audience.

Its composition, needs, and strangeness, fear, slang names … Rate competitors. Success, not really, and … not very much. Why they are enti name, it is such? What motivated your competitors. The second stage – assemble a team of participants who are familiar with the target audience. This team may consist of one person. Preliminary work to establish the sources of information. Determine the decision criteria, or creative process can consume all the time and the entire budget. But this stage – just the beginning! Determine the necessary performance criteria, positioning, timing and legal criteria. A separate item to be studied regulatory requirements, if any. The third stage – the generation of multiple options. Initial selection can be made online, publicly accessible databases, dictionaries … General rules are very simple. 1. Suggest maximum number of possible names. 2. Classify them into categories and themes. 3. Drop the complex, composite, imitating competitors, confusing name of the target audience. 4. Work through the variations (changes) of a theme. The fourth stage – the selection of options that meet the existing criteria. Fifth stage – testing your selections. 1.Proiznesite name. 2.Peredayte on his voice mail. 3.Poshlite by e-mail representatives of the target audience for the study of "public opinion". 4.Pomestite it on business cards, advertising and other promotional materials. 5.Postavte it in the title. "Touches" or not? 6.Naydite other techniques you can trust. 7.Proverte whether the conflict with other registered trademarks. 8.Proverte linguistic, religious, cultural and other associations, there are no negative connotations. 9.Provedite linguistic analysis. Sixth stage – The final legal review for compliance with regulatory requirements. 1. Within the country. 2. International, if necessary. The seventh and final step – registration. It turns out that to label something – it is not easy. However, and competent experts in this field (and not only in our country) is now worth its weight in gold. Try your hand at this exciting, creative and … well actually paid. Even if you just no experience, try it. Exchange of naming can be found on the Internet, allowing the query "naming Exchange" or "naming-service" in any search engine.