Public Service

That is why it is extremely effective that public administration should follow “good practices”. The “how” has three aspects: 1) Education for the selectivity: government campaigns should Tend, first of all, the consumer awareness so that when choosing not only consider the price-quality, but also how is contributing to the progress of the community, to consume products or services from a company that really adds value to the set. The community has an active interest in the growth and sustainability of corporations, which promote the common good. An efficient and effective, “buy” in those places that help “improve” instead of those “cheaper” but “wear and worse, to be simple. 2) The normative regulation and the comptroller cash: the rules and regulations of ratings, taxation, etc. must provide for benefits for companies with effective programs and verifiable CSR.

There must be an agency comptroller for that purpose as well as a system of “certification” of compliance, that tells the citizens that companies comply with regulations. 3 ) Companies should be admired from its structure, design and implementation of CSR plans, for which the Public Service can help with counseling center really useful and creative, that address the needs and customs. For example, a public bidding or public contracting process should include an “offset” or bonus that does not make the direct object of the same, which led to an improvement to the community. Companies have begun to adopt CSR not only as a result of pressure from consumers, providers, community activist organizations, investors, etc. (Also called in all stakeholders), the RSC is also an additional strategic activity in commercial competition. The company plays an important role in the lives of people not only as a generator of employment and wealth, but as agents of development in the communities in which they are found. Large companies are aware of this and take advantage of the expectations generated by the CSR for competitive advantage (Fellowships).

Corporate philanthropy is no longer an independent business entrusted to a foundation and increasingly forms part of the strategies that contribute to making the objects of the company. Companies such as members of a community should behave as good corporate citizens, “set to ethics and respect for people and the environment. In other words, firms have a role not only economic but social and environmental function. As an expression of sovereign will, a government that does not require him to “corporate citizens” the fulfillment of their community contributions are not always measurable in money, it excludes a key factor in development and welfare.