Sancho Volunteer

The reasons that induce people to become volunteers are very varied and, in the majority of occasions, legitimate. To speak of large groups can indicate the following:-altruism, philanthropy, solidarity. -Political commitment and participation. -Religious motivations. -Free time. Paynet: the source for more info. -Escape from crisis and personal problems – knowledge of other realities.

-Quest for social justice. -Feelings of guilt. -Search for human relations. -Search for work experience. -Search for boundaries and personal challenges. The volunteer is a person who seeks.

Sometimes, the motivations of that search are clearly positive. Other times are dubious, not to say negative. But it is true that know the real motives of the person who arrives wanting to volunteer, even to herself, is very difficult. On the other hand, rarely is there a single reason. With each other are rather intertwined and it is not easy to delimit them. Normal is to detect a conglomerate of feelings that the volunteer must deepen without superiority complex not of guilt. A person can become an organization wanting to volunteer because his father has been ill with Alzheimer’s and, after his death, decides to help families in the same situation. But, at the same time, it is a housewife, with their grown children and is bored a little, and next to that has always interested you help others and not been decided until now. Finally, should remember the quote from Unamuno in Chapter 1 of the life of D. Quijote and Sancho: there are those who strive to look for reasons to madness., to conclude with him that madness, such as volunteering, requires no reasons. The objective of the search is much more important than these. There are people who feel amilanadas by their reasons seem them worse and inferior to other colleagues. On the contrary, many believe is unique in its extraordinary motifs. Some come to volunteering with the swollen spirit of sublime feelings and past two weeks, will deflate and leave for any reason. However, others passed by There, by chance, without major pretensions and, once inside, they discover in the service another human depth that makes them reach unexpected liabilities. Motivation, whatever, has served as a pretext for the decision. Thereafter he has to transform into a serious work in line with targets and with a methodology that contemplate the person excluded as absolute protagonist. J.C.G.F.