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Southeast Polar

To the measure that the Atlantic polar front walks for the equator the tropical instabilidades if dislocate for East or Southeast, announcing with tropical clouds and most of the time, rains, advent of the Atlantic polar front with anticipation of one day, will be able not to more reach the region. In accordance with Tubelis, […]

Equatorial Continental

The polar air mass is formed in high latitudes and generally she is very cold. Being thus, the tropical air mass, that if form in the low latitudes, next to the Equator, is hotter. Therefore, the zonal position of the area of origin of an air mass defines its thermal condition. To read more click […]

Polar Mass

In accordance with Tubelis, on the intensity of chains disturbed for the Region assures. In its trajectory it provokes precipitations frontals, that can be associates to precipitations daily pay or after-frontals. Jeremy Tucker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The inversions occur all during the year, however they are more extensive and frequent in the […]

Tropic Chain

Therefore, the absorbed humidity of the ocean more transposes until great heights, becoming the sector occidental person of the maritime tropical mass contained to the instability that the eastern sector. The thermal inversion that is higher the west, increases gradual for north in direction to the Intertropical Convergence and for the southwest in direction to […]

Crato Companies

' ' The migration of the caladistas companies for the Northeast started has little less than 20 years, after a visit of then the governor of the Cear, Ciro Gomes, to the Valley of the Bells, caladista polar region gaucho. The objective age to attract companies highly employers to the interior of the State, one […]


It fits to detach that the cited author comes arguing since 1998 the necessity of if working with the pupils the elements of the indicated concept of territory as ‘ ‘ Pointing, equally, that in the education process he considers myself what the pupils think on territory. Haesbart (2004) analyzes the territory under different approaches, […]

Raffestin Territory

The second hypothesis presented here sends the fact to it to identify if a joint action is capable to potencializar and development link, guaranteeing the exploitation of the resources and minimizing the socioambientais problems. Finally, when searching to explain the paper that State assumes while strategy for the appropriation of the resources is also to […]


We can elencar pages and pages of defects of the fernandista management. Corruption, dficits, crises, deriving loans of the FMI, loss of the autonomy of the country amongst others. But, not I consider myself to this in this article. Squid? We go to the facts? Incio Luis Lula da Silva, nordestinho of Garanhuns, half? illiterate, […]