The Court

Mold is excluded by a normal ventilation. In the new production of Matracis is somewhat more as previously mechanically worked. It is used but so little mechanics, that very individual and varied work can (special sizes, rounded, angles and others. The raw materials are compressed by the procedure and quilted. This hard to very hard mattresses arise at the important rigid base.

What is so special about the natural natural mattresses: we know the origin, producers and processors of raw materials. We build no chemicals or pesticides into mattresses. We take back used Matratzen(Teile) and compost them. Through both layers with a thickness of approximately 7 cm is easy to contact the individual element or as a whole to move. In addition, can remain a part of the bed while the other to the composting will be returned. The collection is done concurrently with the delivery of a new element. Or, in winter, a layer of wool against rye straw is changed.

In the summer, he is with sea grass in the bed. Each unused layer requires of course good storage space. Then she can recover well. Composting is carried out on the small farm where the headquarters is brilliant. The Court also rye and hemp will in future grown (without artificial/animal manure and pesticides). The goal is a shipping container that can be used again and again. Here, the problem of transport (by carriers) where the mattresses may be not sharply bent or kinked is unfortunately. No intermediaries are supplied with this new product. The mattresses were more expensive and it would have produced too much, which is currently not possible for various reasons. In addition, customer feedback is very important to optimize the product. A private sale in Germany with view is scheduled at the latest in 2014, are sample and direct collection. More information: and natural mattress / there a technical Merk Platt, current information, opinion on normal natural mattress, an online shop, etc.