The Origins Of Winemaking In Moldova

Winemaking in the current territory of the Republic of Moldova has its roots in ancient times. It intensified with the arrival of the Black Sea Greek colonists (3rd century BC. E.). With colonization, they brought the tradition of wine. In the epic poem "Iliad '(XVIII BC. E.), Homer says that' the Greeks went to Thrace, to find the wine." Long before Dionysus, in prosperous times, wine was beneficial for the indigenous population, as a source of pride and a source of profit. The Roman poet Ovid wrote in his stories as indigenous wine prepared by freezing.

Being banished to the region was struck by the skill Ovid vintage. We do know that before Burebista, in Dacia, wine were grown using large plots. The Romans introduced new procedures for the wine, the practice back then was one of the primary events in the life of local residents. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hyundai. Viticulture has learned the culmination of its development during the reign of Stefan cel Mare, which stimulated the production of quality wine, importing new varieties of grapes. The philosopher and historian Dmitry Cantemir (1673 – 1723) mentions in his' Description of Moldova ", which in the 18th century Moldovan wines were evaluated in Russian, Hungarian and Kazakh markets. In the same paper, D. Cantemir describes how the wine was stored 'in the deep cellars for three years, while the fourth becomes a force that burns as hot wine '. The symbiosis of wine and oak barrels become the calling card of Moldovan wines, which are still stored in oak barrels.

In Moldova, there are countless varieties of grapes, many of them have received international recognition. Grades grapes reach the 180 species of trees planted on 142 000 hectares in the wine industry has been a steady progress. Currently, Moldova produces 12-14 million dal of wine. Currently, the Moldovan wine can be found in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia. But the true experience of wine and the tradition is felt only at wineries in Moldova. Among the most famous wineries, we specify: Cricova Small Mici (registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest wine collection in the world), Purcari, Nisporeni Ialoveni Cimislia Dubasari etc.. Wineries are present Republic of Moldova treasure of the country. Wine Road is an ideal opportunity for those who want to discover the characteristics of the Republic of Moldova. This allows you to discover the secret production of quality wine cellars and enjoy Moldovan wines to taste true.