The Pruckhay

Every Saudi visitor receives a small surprise,”producer Albert Neuhauser is pleased. The history not far away from the venue of the Feuerhex in Munich was in the 12th century the great “Pruckn” the bridge to Fehring”one of the very few crossings of ISAR at that time. There met people of all stripes. Many goods, especially salt, were transported and traded. Economic and cultural ways of the Western world crossed the bridge. She was in 1156, because as the story plays the Bishop to Freising, Otto the great, one of the greatest scholars and historians of the middle ages. Saxon Duke Heinrich the lion called Henry”, a man of the sword, and the war is on this day, the piece plays on, burn the bridge and later further south again rebuild.

Munichen (Munich) is created. The nightmare scenario in the ISAR drama: Three women are hunted by the mob, one carries a newborn child in the Poor. It is snatched away from her, before burning the women at stake. To write the year 1156. It is on the market at Fehring. The Pruckhay collected by visiting merchants bridge toll. Jugglers, musicians, traveling monks and colorful folk enliven the square in front of the ISAR bridge belonging to the Bishop of Freising. Rosa (Martina Kronauer), heilkundige herb gatherer of Geirchingen, and the talented Freising Mason of Reinmarus (Christian Bauer) feel a deep love for one another.

Reinmarus sounds of wonder things of early Gothic in France, of new cathedrals and polyphonic music. So much new plunged into great self doubt. A Pact allows him the creation of equal works of art with the devil. But he must sacrifice for his desire and his love for pink. By the devil driven (Tobias Mulholland Herrin, tenor) edited Reinmarus the stone from which the Freising beast pillar will be. Rosa is fighting for her love and she loses, and loses her life on the stake, which they once snatched as an infant was.