Wikipedia Demand

The owners of the lodging accuse the finder to harm when showing in the first place information and escabrosas photos to them of the accident of 33 years ago. Google assures that it is results of a neutral algorithm. The camping the Sand banks of Alcanar (Tarragona) has presented/displayed a demand against Google by infringement of the right to the honor because the finder relates in his first entrances to him to the tragedy that underwent the camping in 1978, when 243 people when exploding died a loaded truck of propylene. The director of the camping, Mario Gianni, has explained who its demand does not try that Google erases the information regarding the accident, but distinguishes the searches on the tragedy and those that they only try to collect data on the camping, because, when mixing them, its business undergoes a clear damage. Gianni has indicated that they have presented/displayed the demand, that already has been admitted to proceeding by the court of Amposta (Tarragona), because Google has not taken care of until now its numerous requests, by telephone, electronic mail and bureaufax, to ask to them that they separate in his searches the information of the tragedy with the one of the camping. The users of Google who initiate a search with the key words " camping the Alfaques" or in Catalan " Els Alfacs" , they obtain as result a list in whose first place it appears an entrance with one connects to the Wikipedia with information on the tragedy, as well as escabrosas photographies on the mortal event. For this reason, the demand against Google is by infringement of the right to the honor against the familiar company Alfacs Vacances SL, when relating the camping " to perpetuidad" with the accident that took place more ago than three decades, which tolerates damages to them " hardly reparables" , it has said his lawyer, Navarrese Carles. According to Navarrese, the demand attributes to Google " responsibility directa" to show of a form " determined, designed and elegida" by the finder " the information that attempts against honor" of the camping.

In this sense, Mario Gianni has explained who when Google finally was put in contact with them affirmed to them that he could not take care of his demand because the entrances left in an order determined by a neutral algorithm. On the contrary, according to the demand, Google " pgina&quot plays a substantial role on the configuration of his; , reason why " the design and configuration of the information do not come imposed by certain technological directives, but it is the result of the option adopted by buscador". In fact, according to the documentation contributed by the lawyer to accompany the demand, if at the moment an internaut looks for in Google information on the tragedy of " Els Alfacs" it obtains less and worse results than another user who only wants to obtain data it exceeds how to spend his vacations in this tarraconense camping. The tragedy happened the noon of the 11 of 1978 July, when a tanker loaded with 25 tons of liquefied propylene left the highway, around the camping, and ended up exploding. Due to the explosion, 160 clients of the camping passed away right away, whereas other 300 people were wounded. Finally, the number of mortal victims rose until the 243. Source of the news: The camping " The Alfaques" demand to Google to relate it to the tragedy