Year Of Elections?

Elections of what? Better of the Pantry of the World? Incredible it is to leave for the streets and to find people whom they know tells to the escalao of the election of the elections entirely that had disputed the Pantry, but does not make to the lesser idea of who will be the pretense governing. Ahead of this scene, we will continue to hear those old murmuraes, of the type, ' ' this is corrupt and that one tambm' ' Which the reason of the media in general not to stimulate the research of the description of the governing, not even on which is the meaning and importance of the elections? To say that they do not exist to propagandas and sites related to the subject would be a lie, but the subject is not shown attributing the enormous relevance that it possesss for the Brazilian society. We cannot be always waiting that the spree in the National Congress always finishes in pizza. But it seems that some force exists that hinders that it attributes to the people interest to the national politics. I see that the Brazilian people is unaware of deeply so that they serve the legislative and executive positions, the point of to confuse a Minister of the Supreme Federal Court, with position mere politician moored to excessively without any independence. They do not understand the separation of powers! They do not know its country! As a great German politician said, she is not possible to love what she is not known. Undeserving, and nor removing the gravity, but it does not seem that for population it is more important to discover if the goleiro Bruno is guilty or not for the homicide of the loving one of that the future of all nation. He is uninteresting if the job index goes to increase or not, new hospitals will have been constructed or not, if infantile mortality goes to reduce, as well as the illiteracy index Interesting exactly it is to be speaking until day 03 of October of 2010 on the Pantry and the Bruno case, when everything to finish again in pizza..