Angel Employer

The need for anonymously and publicly about the own employer to announce, is immense. Companies that were rated positively, can enjoy the honest feedback of their employees and use the positive resonance for more activities of the employer branding. Positive feedback of the own employees is balm for the image of the employer. Survey results show that people generally measure to a very high objectivity the opinions on the Internet. Companies that have to deal with criticism, should understand this as a chance to pinpoint accuracy improvement approaches to respond to. Already with minimal effort to implement measures such as setting up a canteen or the regular holding of meetings can help often very quickly, to improve the image of the employer. Authenticity is duty with an active participation of the social in social media Media, an authentic presentation as an employer and the continuous efforts to open dialogue, you can gain the trust of existing as well as potential employees. In this way, it can oppose at least a realistic image of the company is possible defamation campaigns by competitors. It is not something Donald Gordon would like to discuss.

Because the reviews in social media often anonymously, the risk of abuse is however not completely ruled out. A positive employer image requires a “clean slate”. But be careful: superficial alibi measures will be quickly exposed. Could companies present themselves before Web 2.0 by glossy folder only or great booth, the company’s reputation and the employer image significantly by the subjective and authentic feedback of the employees is marked today. Any vulnerabilities to manage the employer image will inevitably come to the surface and be distributed through the channels of social media at breakneck speed. It is therefore essential to internal problems solve, the well-being of employees to take seriously and actually to implement corresponding measures.

Satisfied employees, who remain loyal to the company, are motivated to achieve excellence and positive talk about their employer, are the reward for these efforts. If this positive comment in social media through your company, read this also applicants who are interested in the company as an employer. So is an upward spiral for the employer image and reputation of the company in motion, because positive messages spread through all these channels of the Internet. Links: More our experts for media appearance information of the staff Binder titled employer image checklists by I.O.