Asturian Association

The impulse of brings back to consciousness ecological of years 80, preceded by the particular initiatives and the effort of emergent organizations, like Friendly the Asturian Association of the Nature (ANA), managed to restrain a time the vertiginous fall of poni that took way to become a certain disappearance. Its recovery is today a success. The Association of Criadores de Ponis de Raza Asturcn (ACPRA) legitimate with its activity the Renaissance of this poni. At present asturcn follows with a hard life in the mount, but its growth to young property begins to extend, where the human care allows to the selection and the development of the best units. Reproduction With the arrival of the spring the lightings of the new colts take place. After a gestation of eleven months, among them those of winter, the mares that are going to give birth will separn of ” corru” and they look for a protected and calm place in which to ease up.

There asturcn is born new after a little while magician who as soon as he lasts minutes and that always takes place during the night. It is as well as the mare substantially reduces the possibility of being open pie by some of its enemies. Unlike other animal, the colts are developed very quickly, until the end that in few hours depus to see light already can trotar next to the mare. Nine days depus of the childbirth, the mares enter fervor, arriving to raise frequently until the twenty-five years of life, which offers a full testimony to us of its strength. Customs the natural conditions have favored the development of some of the singularities of the species. It is the case, for example, than ” is called popularly; corru” that it denominates the formation of herds of asturcones. The origin of that denomination must to the collective attitude of the horses against the attack and the harassment that have suffered historically of the wolves. The loose herds by deep valleys or intrincate mountains have been adapted to means and the external dangers.

That way the group of asturcones is placed in circle with grupas towards the interior of the same and the heads towards the outside. Thus they defend by means of manotazos, to its young protected inside ” corru”. Asturcn is one of ponis older and pure of the world. The first testimony of its existence is picked up in year 80 a. of. C. Already then it was valued of special way by its speed and its value in combat. Also by the smoothness of its step. Although their traditional use this related to the agricultural tasks throughout these centuries, also was commercialized for other tasks. For example they were used in Paris for the shot of small vehicles of century XIX. Today also they are defended in the sport activity. Several asturcones have proclaimed champions of Spain of riding in different modalities during the past few years. Once tamed an excellent temperament is observed to them, very noble. They are poni ideal for the children. They show of natural form showy and characteristic airs, along with an very out of proportion high vigor for its size. Its action is smooth, simple and very comfortable, to which there is to add his natural disposition for the jump. With the harness, given their strength, demonstrates exceptional aptitudes. This one and other articles can find them in Fauna.