Brazilian Association

How much to the mode of payment the Caturama Inn will accept all the types of credit cards, cards of debit and cards of tourism, practising promocionais prices in low the station with up to 20% of discounting. Daily of the apartments and sute they are: SGL: R$ 85,50, DBL: R$ 135,00, TPL: R$ 180,00, QDL: R$ 234,00 and sute: R$ 229,50. The sales will be made indirect through the Travel agencies and Operators of Tourism, which will receive a commission from 10% for this service. The company will directly work with on packages to the travel agencies and operators. Of this form the prognostic of sales will always have to be bigger in the high station, objectifying for in study ways to attract customers in low the station. The Caturama Inn aims at to pass to the community an image of quality in the rendering of services. For in such a way the installations they will have to be in accordance with the Norms of the ABNT as for the constructive specifications and criteria of security.

Moreover, the inn will associate with the ABIH – Brazilian Association of the Industry of Hotels in Amazon? which will supply subsidies to execute better services, from safe installations and of high level, that is the objective of the Pousada.Os equipment and necessary machines are: refrigerator, to freezer, microwaves, stove of 4 mouths, television, conditional air or fan and others.