Health or disease? It all boils down to “Big Five” Not just wake up one day with diabetes. Not detect cancer. And his memory is here one day and then go to the next. All of these chronic diseases take years or even decades, of the same destructive internal processes before the diagnosis is produced.

We call these destructive processes inside “The Big Five” and at the plate, his fate transformation of the health system, you will learn in particular (and delicious!) How to tame these enemies of health. Here they are: Inflammation: The Silent murderer – Inflammation helps the body fight invaders and repair injuries. However, chronic inflammation is different. This murderer Silence is the cornerstone of degenerative diseases and physical aging. The good news is that the three leading causes of chronic inflammation are completely under your control.

You will learn what they are. . . and dozens of delicious ways to tame the flames. Glycation: stick to it – When you eat too many carbohydrates or food prepared in a way, compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs) form. These adhesive molecules accelerate the aging process and cause a steady deterioration in his health. The good news is that it can be easy to protect against AGE. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Kevin Cahill. You will learn how to protect tasty. Oxidation: The thief Radical – The average number of cells in your body is attacked by more than 10. 000 free radicals every day. This “oxidation” process is perfectly natural. But left unchecked, can lead to rapid physical aging and chronic diseases. You will learn how to protect your precious cell delicious foods rich in antioxidants. . . and how to get your body produce more of its own antioxidants artillery. Exhaustion: The Silent Sapper – Researchers have shown that deficiency of key nutrients can mimic many of the same damage to their DNA as observed from exposure to radiation! If the body lacks nutrients, your health will suffer. . . agarantizadas! Find out why many of the plants and animal products we eat are nutritionally bankrupt. . . and how to get more out of every bite! Detoxification: The Council Overwhelmed – While the nutrients in our food are decreasing, our exposure to harmful toxins is increasing. Of the chemicals in our food and water for the drugs we take and the products we put on our skin – our liver is overloaded, and our health is paying the price. These toxins can cause illness, impair immunity, damage the hormone system, and even make store fat. But there is a pollution solution. With good choices, you can keep the poison from your plate and put your internal detox machine at full speed. Most health books are full of information. . . but no good advice. 7-In this series of books, you’ll get hundreds of tips on how to implement prevention in practice. You will receive vital information and advice, all oriented towards research and scientifically proven. You will not only knowledge but the tools to change your lifestyle. . . and your life! This is exactly what you need to make swift and dramatic changes to their health and body.