Fire Extinguishers

The consortia in the Federal Capital usually we have two types of fire extinguishers:.The ABC’s of 5 Kg (containing powder as an extinguishing agent) than are those who in the floors, garages and general areas. The BC (containing Gas carbon as an extinguishing agent) in elevators-room of light mediodres. The letters indicate their use in different types of fires. Class A (solid fuel), class B (flammable liquids), class C (electrical current) always keep in mind that the ABC fire extinguishers are more lightweight, because the cylinder is less heavy, and that a fire extinguishers BC 5 Kg weighs more than 16 Kg, which makes the BC are less indicated to lift and move by women, and older people. Also always to use a fire extinguishers must be: 1) break or remove the seal (plastic) pictured in red color. (2) Remove the locking clip (metal ring) by pulling it out until it is completely removed. Although seems a no-brainer as mentioned above, in most cases for those who never had a fire extinguishers in hand and were not instructed them they want to activate the fire extinguishers by tightening only and can not be used.See photos below.

(3) Hold vertically the fire extinguishers (never lying). (4) aiming the nozzle of the hose towards the base of the fire. (4) Tighten the lever (from above) the below is only for grasping. Remember that if loose handle stop the discharge of the fire extinguishers. (5) Fully download the fire extinguishers on the focus of fire. THE USER SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TEST BEFORE USE. It is advisable to download more than one fire extinguishers at the same time.