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People with self-esteem has an abundance mentality, they know that in life there for everyone, generous, and his natural tendency is to share with others. People with self-esteem are happy, have a sense of humor and a state of general contentment. People with self-esteem feel able to face the challenges life brings them. Fight to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. People with self-esteem are authentic, there is congruence between what they say, think and do. People with self-esteem know apologize and admit when they are wrong. People with self-esteem believe in themselves, and constantly being self-affirmation, they know they can learn, have a positive attitude and openness to life.

People with self-esteem are optimistic. People with self-esteem are realistic. People with self-esteem are sensitive to others and their problems. People with self-esteem do not feel helpless victims of the world around them. Have the ability to venture in and out of your comfort zone. People with self-esteem recognize their fears, accept, integrate and release, to push forward in search of new dreams. People with self-esteem look inside to try to understand what is happening around them, ie they understand that circumstances do not create man, he revealed. People with self-esteem are empathic, that is they are people who can and do step into the shoes of the other, really involved in the world of another, which is not means that sympathize or agree with that, but what really understand.

People with self-maintained visual contact with the other or others when they communicate, and have a balanced and relaxed posture in your body, from head to toe, as a result of internal harmony and consistency. Finally and by no means be the least important point, self-respecting person has the courage and the courage to say what he feels, even if it means to express their inner self go through the pain of disapproval, the rupture, and even be convicted or misunderstood by people who are really important to her, but definitely do not negotiate with their dignity and personal integrity, it is priceless. People with high self-esteem and personal relationships only work where the rule is a win-win or no deal. People with self-esteem constantly affirms itself through incorporating into their inner world that has to be right, making mistakes, and start again, have faith in the process, and they know it’s good.