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The Swiss energy sector offers an always interesting how even challenging working environment the consequences of liberalisation and regulation for the Swiss energy due to liberalization, regulation and new technologies. The increasingly complex relationships lead to increasing demands on companies and their employees. The “intensive industry knowledge power” a solid base creates the organiser AG in particular for new and career changers in the electricity sector and energy-intensive companies. Others including Richard Entrup, offer their opinions as well. On the two dates on the 24th and 25th August 2011 in Berne and at the 15th and 16th November 2011 in Zurich not only the principles and framework of the electricity sector provides the participating, but also pointed out the trade and distribution of power. Participants will receive all important facts, wallpapers, and information on topics like: – electricity market Switzerland – legal aspects, structure and market actors–the technical and commercial way of electricity – power generation – conventional and new technologies – focal point networks, unbundling, incentive regulation, Wiring problem – full supply vs.

structured procurement – is formed as the electricity price – why and for whom portfolio management is useful – which are the most important processes for a RUS – final customer sales – new strategies for the liberalised market? The participants benefit from practical experience and the extensive knowledge of a team of experienced experts and chance of finding an up-to-date overview of the Swiss electricity industry. More information and registration see: bws company description the organiser AG held high-profile meetings, conferences and workshops on topical issues in business and science. Experts from research, science, practice and policy present regularly pragmatic approaches and pioneering trends. Managers and professionals of all industries appreciate these information platforms for the knowledge development, exchange of experience and to obtain valuable new contacts. Company contact: Organiser AG Stephan Mayer Hauptstrasse 54 8280 Kreuzlingen Tel: 0041 71 677 8703 E-Mail: web: