Health Of Employees

Management task and strategy of food/Gelsenkirchen, September 1, 2012 – the private and corporate health management and the resulting performance of the workers is becoming increasingly important for companies. Only the awareness of executives for the own role model, health management can be actively lived and integrated into the corporate culture. The Association of professional executives DFK and medicos.AufSchalke, Center for outpatient rehabilitation, prevention and sports, have agreed to cooperate for this reason, which provides support for the individual health care members of the Association. Operational health management is a task of different actors such as about health insurance, pension insurance, company etc. But also the employees themselves have a responsibility for their well-being and their performance.

The findings are often enough and forget professional practical experience when it comes to his person. Here is pent-up demand among many executives. To help the members of the Union, the DFK in addition to the educational and advisory work also focuses on a specific offer. The partners in both now supported medicos.AufSchalke. Often remains the question of the own health Executive on the line.

We want a stronger perception of the members for this topic. Associated with a specific assistance for the individual. “, explains Dr. Ulrich Goldschmidt, Chief Executive Officer of the Association. This complements medicos Nicolaus Philipp Hussen, Managing Director.On Schalke: Healthy executives perform better. “” So individual health of service providers is requirement for an employee-oriented, health-promoting leadership, and thus for the sustained success of one company. “Ultimately,” Goldschmidt closes, executives at this point should have staff role.”