Evangelical Church Germany

Climate hotels Germany give the campaign ‘ climate change – life change ‘ the air order of merit on the topic of climate protection is a lot of talk, but many organisations let deeds follow words. These include”the climate-hotels Germany, an initiative of the travel of course enjoy roof brand Viabono. For their Facebook page the climate hotels have considered a unique action: weekly draw projects other climate-protective with the specially developed air order of merit. This week is the award for the campaign climate change lifestyle”of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany awarded. On her Facebook page, the climate-hotels Germany Award a project, an idea, or an action that has climate, CO2 offset, or eco-friendly, sustainable action aimed every week. These are the areas involved also climate hotels. Russell reynolds brings even more insight to the discussion.

Would thus lovers of climate”of exemplary climate initiatives inform and motivate the air cross of merit award winner for support. He means Evangelical Church Germany this week. It has climate change lifestyle campaign”started, which runs until October 2, 2010 and has the goal to save up then 1000 tonnes of CO2. A means is a coupon book with 30 action proposals with which each individual can save carbon dioxide. The book is free of charge for members of the Evangelical Church, but also people can make it to order for 3 Euro fee. In addition to the ceremony on the Facebook page, Germany passed the air cross of merit in the form of a certificate of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany by air hotels. Behind the climate-hotels Germany hosts, ecologically and economically have optimized their CO2 emissions for example due to consistent energy saving, and have committed themselves to further climate protection measures. In addition, each of the nationwide nine climate-Hotels has the inevitable residual amount of carbon that is created within a year, determined by a CO2 footprint and through controlled and certified projects compensated.

Thus, climate hotels offer their guests a climate-neutral stay without having to give up anything as a guest. Viabono has developed in cooperation with CO2OL, an experienced consulting and service agency for operational climate protection, to a CO2 Calculator for the hospitality industry. Thus, CO2 footprints can be”for the operation easily and quickly create and determine the average CO2 emission value per night per guest. The calculated values can by recognized climate protection certificates from a certified reforestation project for CarbonFix standard or in part one are compensated on energy efficiency and development of renewable energies of oriented gold standard project. More information under: pages/air hotels Germany/143131132397071 of air hotels