Real Spanish Federation

After the exhibitions of work without ball, the exercise of pressure of Spain stooped. It caused that, although it commanded, his dominion was not overwhelming. And it needed depth of beginning. Thiago, the soccer player who transforms the game, always had two rivals above. Switzerland remained seized. The danger for Spain was the same that in semifinals with Belarus. An isolated arrival complicara the panorama to the equipment of Mile. And it happened to the average hour of party.

A maneuver of Shaqiri culminated, it with a powerful right that removed from fists Of Gea. It served to wake up to the Spanish selection. The good concepts did not have execution. The impudence of Muniain made advance lines and approach the zone of danger. It tried it to Thiago and it cleared the wood with a distant firing. And the prize arrived thanks to the revelation of Spain in the championship.

Didac put a perfect center in an ascent being useful the space and Ander surprised all, appearing from second line, to shake one’s head to the network. They were four minutes for the rest. Switzerland had to modify its exposition to tie. The risk tried in the second act, running of undergoing some Spanish lethal counterstroke. To both they needed to freshness in the head and the legs. The rate was low and after a closing in race of Emeghara, the boys of Mile appropriated themselves the ball. It was not the day of Adrin. A strange soccer player. Able to mark at least he is expected to him like losing each ball that arrives to him. He did not enjoy occasions. They were in boots of Muniain, that ran into with the security of Sommer, and Javi Martinez, who finished off high a strategy action. Before Switzerland sank the knee gave two scares to Of Gea with two blows on the head of Kasami and Klose that did not find door. And it finished tired to the quality of Thiago. Ideas of genius. Execution of teacher. When they hoped that it touched in short a lack. It struck from 40 meters with a skillful smoothness. As much of the championship of a soccer player who will mark a time if she does not twist his way. The finishing touch for the champion. ” generation of oro” of absolute the Spanish selection it has the future guaranteed. – List of credits: 0 – Switzerland: Sommer; Koch, Klose, Rossini, Berardi; Lustenberger; Shaqiri, Frei (Gavranovic, m.54), Xhaka (Kasami, m.68), Emeghara (Abrashi, m.54); and Mehmedi. 2 – Spain: Of Gea; Montoya, Bota, Domnguez, Didac Vil; Javi Martinez, Ander Herrera (Capel, m.89), Thiago, Bush, Munian (Even, m.86); and Adrin (Jeffrn, m.81) Goals: 0-1, m.41: Ander Herrera. 0-2, m.81: Thiago. Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA). It admonished to Lustenberger (16) and Berardi (62) by Switzerland, and to Javi Martinez (78) and Of Gea (92) by Spain. Incidences: end of European sub’ 21 of Denmark disputed in the Aarhus Stadion before of 16,110 spectators.