GOLD Has A Hard – Enter Now?

When is the ground for the gold prices the investors in the capital market this question up at the time. The gold price tumbles, even the 1,200 US dollar-mark per Troy ounce has fallen in the short term. Disillusionment comes now after the soaring of in recent months. A look at the backgrounds shows that this development is not yet completed. Strong dollar – weak gold experts of large investment houses their expectations with regard to the price of gold for the next few years dramatically screw down. The declining demand is justified for gold as a safe investment in recent months with the positive development of the dollar and the rising yield on U.S.

bonds. The fed, which gave an official painting the generally positive impression with its announcement to reduce the bond purchases, and gave a corresponding pulse. But also from the EU messages that confirm at least a below-average rate of inflation to come. J.P. Morgan spoke with conviction. The huge amounts of money, with which the ECB has flooded the market, have become noticeable made (yet) not with an exorbitant inflation. This also speaks against gold as inflation-secure facility. Return sought currently seeking sustained low interest rates – many investors financial investments that can still boast yields above the rate of inflation currently 1.7 percent.

In fixed-income and secure installations, this search will be in vain, because allows the persistent low interest rate policy of the ECB hardly interesting returns. Tangible assets are highly sought after at the moment, especially the real estate prices rise to extreme heights. Given the low cost of financing, real estate can be but still profitable, if the overall package. Gold, the ghosts fight now, because the price has fallen in the last few months by about 1,900 to abundant 1,200 US dollars per fine ounce. The precious metal is rather unsuitable as the return object, as shares of gold mines better suited. Low gold prices – buy signal? Against the background of current developments, the end of the flagpole is probably not yet been reached. For the next year, a downtrend will once again expected gold, experts expect a level of to the 1,050 US dollars per fine ounce. Depending on the investment objective, this means that the entry in this low price phase can be quite interesting, if gold is bought as investment property but rather investing in retirement. The purchase of physical gold under the aspect of security is to consider from a completely different angle. The history of this precious metal shows that gold always has – get its value no matter what happened in business and politics. An investment in gold should be considered not in the short term but in the long run as a nest egg. Of course only the amount of money may be used, we do without in an emergency. Five to ten percent of assets, which should be deposited as physical gold in different denominations are optimal. As finally occurring and strategically important raw materials, gold will remain always interesting.