Intercultural Competence Islam & Ramadan

During Ramadan for business or on holiday in Islamic and Arab countries? Ramadan Knigge 2013: s is for about 1.4 billion Muslims of the Mauritania / Morocco to Malaysia / Inonesien celebrate the Holy fasting month of Ramadan on proper behavior, that is the most important month of the year; It is the month in which the Koran – so the Holy Scripture of Muslims – was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is a time of abstinence and the distance to all material for Muslims. That finds expression through the fasting: during Ramadan, fasting is compulsory for Muslims: from sunrise to sunset eating, drinking and smoking, or the exchange of tenderness are prohibited. At the same time, Ramadan is a time of reflection and intensive carrying out his religious duties, as for example, the duration and number of daily prayers rises. At this time you should also as a non-Muslim in Islamic countries not publicly smoke, eat or drink, dress appropriately and modestly tolerance Act and respect the show, so, for example, not directly or publicly, because of strict fasting, especially in the summer and sometimes often limited, work performance or other constraints criticize if you heed Samir L.

Iranee’s tips for appropriate conduct in Muslim countries during Ramadan, one is on the safe side. Because in some countries, even the violations are punished by non-Muslims religious obligations such as smoke, eating and drinking ban in public with money – or even imprisonment. Travellers should therefore previously at the travel agency consult or just inquire locally. Note You must also, that with the beginning of Ramadan to its end and the subsequent holidays business life on land largely stands still and is partially restricted in the cities. Opening hours of authorities and offices (embassies and consulates), as well as the hours in the service sector and in the production are generally greatly reduced up to 40-60% of the normal Working time. You should therefore observe special working hours and hours by authorities and businesses.

Because this time during the day in all Islamic countries much restricted, the night is made for the day. For business people, this means that often business meetings held at night. After the end of the fasting period is greatly celebrated: the so-called oath Fittr (fast-breaking) likely to al begins on the 8th August 2013 and takes several depending on the country 3-4 days or even longer, such as in Saudi Arabia. Opportunity for German businessmen here a very good business contacts to maintain to Muslim business partner by Ramadan congratulations (orally by telephone or in writing by email or postcard with Muslim motifs). Above applies especially for foreign visitors, travellers and business people said. Package tourists, who spend their vacation time only in tourist resorts, are less touched it. However, they are affected by Ramadan Intercultural training Arabia (including overseas preparation Morocco to UAE, teambuilding, customer management, negotiations, trade fairs) & IslamCoaching (Islam-training for Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, East Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia) at. Translation, interpreting, language teaching & courses, moderation & lectures, journalism, proofreading, research, proofreading and editorial revisions, typing, voice recordings, consulting & escorting and professional support for events, trade fairs, study and business trips for groups and individuals in Arabia. New in the range: research and writing of journalistic contributions (articles, interview, report). Texts for the Internet on Arabic & German. Subject-specific specialist seminars. Arabic for journalists, translators and interpreters.