Internet Customers

Original idea and successful implementation in the calculation of computer trade whether self-employment is an alternative to the traditional employee job, depending on among other things by the idea of the company and of stamina, it is placed with in the market. The idea to sell the computer lacks first the Originaliat. It can teach fear, however, even the great in the market in a completely different way than previously used to do. It began nearly years three ago in Munster, a student earned his living with odd jobs at a local computer store. The contractor put the students certainly already in the bone, because after experience in sales and customer service nurtured a concept from which one must say today that it is highly successful. “Customer-oriented advice, not distanced and hidden behind hieroglyphics of professional knowledge, but directly and close to the needs of the interested parties on the one hand and the appreciation of each sale, associated even if it is only” to a cheap Network cable is on the other hand are the two cornerstones of the recipe for success.

Tried was first at the kitchen table of the student apartment without a customer base, without advertising budget. The personal touch in the trade was soon a success story 2007 led to the establishment of a small business in the city of Witten. Here was from the outset every customer King: in comfortable leather armchairs Aug Aug with the holder is discussed and negotiated, until it comes to the purchase. After not even three years little shop now bursting at seams. JC-hardware is become a byword for quality, good advice and fair prices for thousands of customers from the region to Witten. The student of the past (the study of political science was soon after the company was founded at the kitchen table”abandoned) is Chief Executive of a company now that has established itself also in the Europe-wide wholesale.

A special focus of JC-hardware”is the Resuing hardware components for two years now. After detailed A second cycle of life begins for hardware from lease returns review and overhaul. That is ecologically highly useful and attractively, because you can buy Highendprodukte at bargain prices. The warranty of up to 36 months is the Resuing hard to over demanding consumer. But also commercial customers come to train because the JC hardware includes the complete goods and services that especially business customers to value. The on-site service is the origin concept by Jakob Czapski following, but every available, whether it is a company with hundreds of employees or to a retail, which will set up the Internet connection on the ground. Long ago, the shop in the main street in Witten has become too small. Away Czapski has hired now a larger shop a few meters, which is currently demanding renovated and furnished. In addition, the entrepreneur has now rented a large hall, stored in the goods and leasing returns in industrialized processes tested and prepared before shipped the components through a commercial network in three years to customers throughout Europe. “Successful start-ups in the market segment computer” are still possible. You need only the idea that that sustainable stands out from the competition and creates quality features that just today increasingly appreciate the customers.