Karambolny Weight

Why weight range of mass models for pool cues, sold in Russia is 19-21 ounce or more? Part of the answer can be to find one paragraph above – because the mass models are designed for hobbyists who do not have a regular practice. Also – this allows the weight of a strong and well balanced sport pulovskie cues amateur class, not applying the technology that many times would increase price of the product (for example – the massive cues do not have a sectional horizontal bar, solid as a rule, heavier). And finally, many people in Russia are in pool and billiards in Russian, so accustomed to heavy Kiyama and Technology of Russian billiards makes these players even use weighted cue for a game of pool. The last group of questions in one form or another always occurs in Russian newsgroups. The answers are obvious, but veryatno not hurt to present all the details. cue for carom and snooker weigh less than the recommended 17-18 oz. Whether they are suitable for the pool? Should I try to play in the pool lighter cue than 17 ounces, if lighter weight provides more cue speed with decreasing effort invested in the punch? Karambolny cue is more suitable for a pool than snooker, but not quite. Everything is explained by the size and weight balls, as well as the nature of the game.

Serious difference of snooker – very small and lightweight balls. Snooker cue label is too small to fully contact with the cue ball when playing pool. Weight cue is also small, and the recoil when you hit more pulovskomu heavy cue ball does not cause enough elastic compression of the shaft, but simply transferred to the player's hand, reducing the precision of movement. Perhaps, children under 12 years of standard pulovsky cue seems heavy, and they can snooker help out, but it's questionable decision from the perspective of setting a good technique.