Tutoring – effectively and innovatively at tutoria customers get not any tutor. At the choice of the tutor, a consultant in the network of networks available is the guardian according to request. There is also the chance to see the reviews of other parents and students. Tutoria offers only individual lessons, to ensure that the tutor can appropriately go on the shortcomings and demands of his pupil. Because the children in the tutoring are not distracted, you can concentrate more effectively and more effectively absorb learning content. Also, the familiar environment at home helps that students feel comfortable, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. After a tutoria user account has been created and selected a suitable tutor, remains only the question, how much is the tuition at tutoria.

The price varies depending on the Turor. The payment of the tutor is based on different conditions. Quickly and easily on the Internet pay tutoring The tuition at tutoria is posted on the World Wide Web via a special secure system. And you get the consent of one or several tutor, to receive the prompt book credits as well. Be paid can via direct debit, credit card or wire transfer. 100% of them go to the tutoring.

Since neither above the price of the Nachhhilfe nor unsettled bills can arise, all of this credit system will benefit. An early exit of the hour in the tutoring leads to a refund of the remaining amount. Other than the tuition costs for tutoria customers not. In addition, the customer on a contract is bound. The length of tutoring instruction is different depending on the objective and content. The content of the tutoring lesson differs depending on the request of the student. Tailored learning at tutoria made possible a good quality of tuition is tutoria, because due to the new learning concept of the student learning development is documented. After each Tutoring the tutor about the motivation that makes concentration and learning progress a documentation that the guardian online viewing in the private profile and as a result the development of remedial teaching can observe. Understand you can so the learning experience of the student. To the students, the tutoring can be adapted thus.