Northernmost Mountain Range

Holiday in the Harz hotel on glacial traces that explore mountains in 500 million years the oldest Harz stones on the drying templates. Folded to 300 million years ago, then magma from inside penetrated into the mountains. It lifted movements of the Earth’s crust. Stand at a height and erosion wore down the mountain and partially uncovered can layers. Ice ages have left their traces. Nowhere else many geological formations in close confinement such as Quadratenmeile in Germany geological in the classical can be found in this country good. The climate differs from other German central uplands.

Due to its exposed location, the resin is tough to compare-klimatische relationships for the approximately 1000 m above must get in the Alps with Scandinavian latitudes climate. Climate and geological conditions created yet a special landscape: diversity in the surface shape in the soil and in the biotopes. Six altitudinal zones with specific living conditions for many animal and plant species are found here, including from circa 1100 m height a probably natural forest border. The resin by the mining is shaped by human hands. The large wood consumption for pits and smelting works prevented the character of resin: deciduous forests gave way to needle forests. In the National Park Harz but are still very diverse Waldgesllschaften. Other forms of use, such as agriculture or large-scale uses were prevented in the resin through the indoor climate.

The Harz National Park is a Habitat of European interest and part of the Europe-wide biotope network Natura 2000 rare bird species such as the black stork or the Sparrow live here. Through the forests, the wild cat stripes and more recently also the Lynx. In the Moors around blattrige slow sundew and others grow main locally common plants. Especially in the spring, the resin is a popular tourist destination. Hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers come here at your expense. Resin Idyll in Braunlage hotel offers cheap arrangement with breakfast or with half board for you.