When the city gradually becomes beautiful, there is another problem plaguing us, that is a huge amount of construction waste seriously hinder the pace of urban development. As environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the simple landfill and illegal dumping of construction waste have been unable to meet the demand of social development, therefore, find a new way for the construction waste is the most important problems need to be solved. Using a variety of solid waste to produce wall materials has always been an effective way of comprehensive utilization of resources, the cost is not only relatively low, the amount of asyh consumption is large, high efficiency of resource use, and with the social benefits created by the large-scale housing construction increasingly significant, truly embodies turning waste into treasure. Therefore, the development of new wall materials must adhere to maximize the use of all kinds of waste, the production of a variety of wall products meet the functional requirements of environmental protection and construction, this is a necessary development of circular economy in China and the essential purpose of the new wall materials development. When responding to the policy of comprehensive utilization of national resources, wall materials, and the development of recycling economy, many domestic enterprises aimed at urban mass emissions of construction waste special resources to achieve the recycling of construction waste recycling.

At present, Zhengzhou Dingsheng companies as the leader of the construction waste disposal equipment and R & D construction waste disposal equipment has reached the world s advanced level of technology, after just four years of development, has given the Chinese construction waste disposal industry to bring in huge profits. It is understood that our company’s building waste disposal equipment includes construction waste disposal equipment fixed and mobile station crusher, mobile crusher station flexible mobility and adaptability features in-depth job site for construction waste disposal companies greatly reduces the production costs. In fact, the use of construction waste is not only the production of a variety of recycled aggregate, also can be used to produce new wall materials for a variety of green bricks. Currently, the construction waste disposal equipment our company produced can produce new wall materials, and they are received by the company’s construction waste division Director said:for yang market.our the construction waste, besides the classification, crushing, screening, vibration molding conventional process equipment, we should also conduct the clean, plastic handle like foreign country, only in this way, can we better use the construction waste and produces products which have high quality.