Applied Quantum Energy

Industrial products of Quantum Energy " Quantum Enerchi" it is the name of our products that use a nanofrecuencia that breaks long molecular chains of the liquid or structured gas (mainly the hydrogen bonds of hydrocarbons or water) forming shorter chains or clusters" , obtaining a molecular alignment more ordinate. This causes that liquids characteristics of or gas are altered to physical, such as surface tension, viscosity, densidad or capillarity; characteristics that are critics and that allow us to carry out works in smaller time, to reduce the chemical consumption and to save energy. The quantum energy is the concentration accelerated of atoms, particles, molecules and cells that allow to realise a transformation or regeneration in the matter. Using this technology, we increased to the efficiency of a raw material or process, generating a saving of material and economic resources. Our products of industrial application consist of estructuradores tubes, which do not require of a special installation nor to modify or to alter to their pipe or fuel tank. Molecular effect In their normal state, as much the combustible hydrocarbon as the air is neutral molecules with negative potentials.

When they are joined in the combustion chamber, they are repelled molecularly being in an inefficient combustion, this creates emissions, which really combustible are not burned. When a fluid or a gas structure with specific frequencies the magnetic moment produced reacomoda its electrons at molecular and atomic level. The hydrocarbon chains fracture in smaller fragments as a result of the resonance, and are loaded positively, in this state the fuel molecularly attracts the air taking place one more a more efficient combustion. Some uses? Savings in the consumption of natural, combustleo gas, gasoline and diesel engine. To reduce the toxic and polluting residues generated by hydrocarbon combustion.

Savings of energy when smoothing the water and to allow that it is warmed up and it evaporates more quickly. A great advantage in industrial processes where this is required. To eliminate the accumulation of incrustations in water pipes, when reducing the presence of oxide of deuterium and the slowness of the water. To improve the life of shelf for flowers or fruits. When structuring the water of irrigation in cultures, increases to the productivity and growth in cultures. The structured water consumption, allows the cattle that assimilates its food more quickly, increasing the corporal gain and the milk production. The water structured with quantum energy encapsulates heavy metals and injurious elements, besides eliminating virus and bacteria, improving remarkably its quality for human consumption. It can increase the yield of paintings, when avoiding that one crowds together the superficial layer and the diminution of his viscosity. For swimming pools, the consumption of chemicals used in its operation can fall. In rivers and Lagos, the own ecological conditions for the development of the wild life can be improved, by means of the diminution of injurious contamination and elements for the same. The use of chemicals in the waste water treatment falls. Original author and source of the article.